Jun 25

It’s sort of weird to start a headline about myself in third person. “Be A real Estate Millionaire” by Dean Graziosi — But I guess it helps with Search Engine Optimization. Not that I even deserve this site to have as much volume as it does at this point. When I first asked my team to create me a blog I figured I would be able to find the time to post a few times a week. Now I find it hard to post a few times a year. But I am getting better and I hope to continue to write posts that contain knowledge and value and not just fluff or hype..

The reason I wrote in the summary “The real deal or a bunch of bull” is because with so many people pitching their stuff out there it’s hard to sift out the crap and know what is for real. Before I hopefully offer you some wisdom today there are just a few things I want to say. My new book Be A Real Estate Millionaire WILL NOT print money for you, it WILL NOT buy your first house for you and it definitely won’t find your first foreclosure for you…

BUT – the techniques in that book are exactly the strategies I have used to make a pile of money. And I know they work for other people because those techniques have helped a mountain of people across America make a bunch of cash. So – is it a miracle book. It can be IF you apply the strategies, take action, overcome your fear and go for it. But if you just read it, take in the knowledge and do nothing then it is a valuable as the spare change in your pocket. Remember a$100 bill and a $1.00 bill are printed on the same paper yet one has a lot more value. The value of this book is APPLYING what you learn. Hope that helps.

Today I want to encourage you to get out there and see for yourself that making money with real estate can be YOUR reality. Your profitable reality! How can you do this? By just doing a dry run. If you are concerned you don’t have the experience or don’t have the money to get started then pretend.. That’s right pretend. Call a realtor you know or ask someone to recommend a realtor and tell them you are looking for distressed properties, foreclosures and REO’s. Tell them you would also like a list of properties that have been on the market for more than 5 months. Look in your local paper for property for sale by owner and look for lease options that may be in the rental section. Ask friends and family if they know of any homes that people need to sell. Stop by and look at that house that you have been driving by for years that looks like no one is living in and is a bit run down but has potential. This one posting is not going to make you a real estate investor but by doing this simple exercise you will see that there are a ton of opportunities out there once you take some action and know what to look for.

Once you compile a list of potential good deals ask that same realtor to run comps on the two homes you feel from your gut could be the best deal. Once he or she does that try and go take a look at them – see thier condition –see thier unique qualities or down falls. Then I would take a step further and make an offer on two of them for $10,000 to $100,000 or 15% to 50% less than what it comps out at and see what happens.

I am not trying to get you to waste anyone’s time but rather get the fear of finding a deal and making an offer out of the way. That same realtor once you learn more about investing and start doing it could make money from you for years to come. Again this email is not going to teach you to be a professional investor but it could get the most important part started. Taking action. Try to find a deal or two and as crazy as it sounds finding the money is the easy part. We can talk about that in a later post.

Right now I am going to pack and go to bed. I am getting up at 4:00 AM to fly to Utah to look at a farm up there that has a great potential for subdividing and putting up mid level priced homes. There is nothing more exciting than real estate. We just need to help you to crack the code – get your first deal under your belt and then make it a part of your life. And then you to can feel the send of excitement I feel on every new deal. Talk soon.

50 Responses to ““Be A Real Estate Millionaire” by Dean Graziosi… real deal?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I have this book and it is the real deal. =)

  2. Tom Briggs Says:

    By Tom Briggs – Orlando on 6/27/2007 3:46 PM
    Ok, I’m inspired. Great post. Bought your book last night. I will be sure to give my honest opinion of the book once I read it.

  3. Greg Pulley Says:

    By Greg Pulley on 7/7/2007 6:47 PM
    Hey Dean just ordered the book and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and your approach to each of us about “Taking-Action or just gathering knowledge! I hope this book cuts through the uncertainty about the need for cash, credit or experience and challenges me with an easy, hands on approach to; . . .”Getting Started” NOW!

  4. Lisa Daniels Says:

    By Lisa Daniels on 7/8/2007 7:49 AM
    In your next post could you talk about how to structure a lease option. I think I have found a good opportuntiy with a lease option but I am sort of unsure about a few things. I have time on this deal since it is a friend. Any information is appreciated. By the way are you single? lol….

  5. Maisha Brame Says:

    By Maisha Brame on 7/11/2007 11:04 PM
    Dean, Hi how are you? My question is when I go to look at a home to see theire unique qualities or downfalls what exactly am I looking for I have no experience at all in doing this. So I will need you to break it down in detail, if you don’t mind please. Do I need to have someone, like a contractor with me when I go looking? How will I know if the plumbing is bad or any other hidden thing I can’t see. And how will I know if the house is in to bad of shape and I need to move on or if it’s a good deal?
    [email protected] Thank you

  6. Gavin Parish Says:

    By Gavin Parish on 7/13/2007 7:01 PM
    Hi Dean,i just received your book today and will be getting back with you pretty soon for Q&A.I really plan on being very successful in this business!

  7. Amanda Polizzi Says:

    By Amanda Polizzi on 7/14/2007 7:23 PM
    I’m proud of you. After ordering your book off of TV I was honestly nervous that it may be all hype and I was wasting my time. After all, there is a lot of garbage out there. But I write I am proud of you because you delivered what you promised. The book is filled with a lot of great information and actual steps that can allow me to get started on my dream to be a real estate investor. I am going to do this and in a big way. I have to say that if I am not successful it is no ones fault except my own. Plan on me being one of your biggest success stories.

  8. Dave Says:

    By Dave – Hawaii on 7/16/2007 9:16 PM
    Man – -your show plays non stop here in Hawaii.. I finally gave in last night and purchased your book. After reading a few of these posts I am glad that I did. I know some people talk shit about things for sale on TV. But I think most of the time it’s because people have unrealistic expectations. I know that I have to do something with the information in your book and if not I won’t make any money. Hopefully your techniques can work here on the islands. I will let everyone know once I read it. Believe me if it is crap I will be the first to scream foul.

  9. Spokane, WA Says:

    By Spokane, WA on 7/16/2007 9:17 PM
    I have read a significant amount of real estate books. This book is the real thing for sure. Meaning it gives clear concise information on how to understand real estate cycles, use that to your advantage and make money. So many people made a ton of money a few years back and then recently a lot of people have lost their shirts in real estate. This book will empower you to understand your market and then it does a good job of giving strategies for capitalizing on your market conditions. Having this book can allow you to make money in al markets. I believe in this book and what Dean teaches. Out of 5 stars I give it a 4.5. Worth every dime for sure..

  10. Buddy Says:

    By Buddy on 7/20/2007 9:29 PM
    Mr. Graziosi has written a great book. I personally think I need some more one on one type of help. I am going to take your suggestion in the book and find a mentor that has already done what I hope to accomplish and see if I can learn from him or her. Thank you for getting me excited about something again.

    Greg – Let me know your progress – -good luck!!!
    Dean Graziosi

  11. Greg Says:

    By Greg on 7/26/2007 4:52 PM
    Great stuff Dean. Almost through the book and I’ve already started to inquire about properties. Looking for my first lease option within the next 60-90 days.


  12. Frank Cossey Says:

    By Frank Cossey on 8/1/2007 5:47 AM
    Dean I recently bought your book and the part of facing your fears really hit home. Though I had been a good handy man contractor for over 20yrs. and a home inspector for 6yrs. I never took the plunge because of my fear of failing and confrontation with people or just stepping up to the window and asking.

    Frank – I think it’s time for you to take action:-) Best wishes! Dean Graziosi

  13. Michael Xo Says:

    By Michael Xo on 8/19/2007 3:23 PM
    I saw that Amazon is carrying your book for less than $19. Will you offer any discounts on your book on your site to encourage us to buy it from you instead? Also, do you offer an e-book version? I love my e-books (since it doesn’t take up any shelf space!!)

    Michael – Due to the crazy cost of TV advertising I can’t discount the book on TV like they do at Amazon. But on TV I do make sure to give away a ton of great stuff. Like an additional special report called the “Dean’s List” and a few other great bonuses. Hope that helps..
    Best of luck. Dean Graziosi

  14. New Blogger Says:

    By NewBlogger on 8/20/2007 8:50 PM
    I hope that less than 30 days is true, because I’m talking my own housing (rental) here. I am going to have to scarf up the $48 to get the book (rush). I’m well-schooled (in fact teach) and well-read, in fact 2 college degrees. I enjoy them, but I don’t enjoy returning small items to the store for cash, or any other forms of begging. If this can help women escape abuse (which I’m doing, and it requires $$ as well as attitude changes), I’ll teach what I know too. Got Tim Ferriss book, acting on it, too. It’s exciting and lots more exciting than begging or “working” to enforce child support (i.e., get someone else to work). And you are RIGHT –action & decompartmentalizing is key.

    Where is your bio? I don’t see it here.


    New Blogger – I am sorry to hear the issues you are facing. All is great with my family today but when my parents split when I was 3, my mom sister and I faced the same world. We moved in to a trailer and my Mom worked two jobs to do her best to support my sister and I. Heck I was even thrown out of Catholic school because my Mom could not pay the tuition. What I am saying is that I can totally understand your current situation. And the fact is the principles in my book work – in fact I wish someone would have given them to my mom those many years ago. So I can proudly say – that with ACTION – financial security through real estate is possible and yes in 30 days you could be profiting from your first deal. In fact post your email address and I will have someone contact you. I want you to have my first book “Totally Fulfilled” as well. You buy my “Be a Real Estate Millionaire” book and I will send you Totally Fulfilled Free. That book is perfect for what you are going through. I promise! In fact be sure to read that one first. Unlike you I am no abundantly educated and I know my grammar is horrible. But when it comes to making money from real estate I am a proud and kick ass teacher. Best Wishes. Dean Graziosi

  15. Tamela Shoemaker Says:

    By tamela shoemaker on 8/23/2007 6:58 PM
    Hi Dean, just read “Be A Real Estate Millionaire” and the 15 min. audio series for “Total Fulfillment” on-line. I am now knowlegable thanks to you and I am so ready to take action! I am also scared. I am a single mother with two wonderful boys who I never get to spend time with because I work 11-12 hours day, 6-7 days a week and still can’t pay all the basic bills each month. Anyway, I have raised my credit score over 100 pts in the last year but it is still horrible. I have no money. I pay rent (somebody elses mortgage). I live in Las Vegas and I know I can succeed using your info. There are a lot of opportunities here to make money. Please, if you dont mind being a hand holder for the first step, will you help me achieve my goal to be in our own 3 bd home by Christmas? Thank You! Oh Ya, [email protected]

    Tamela – First of all congratulations on taking action. I know it is not easy especially with many obstacles in your way. Glad to hear you took the time to listen to the Totally Fulfilled audios. They can really help set a strong foundation and help you turn obstacles in to challengesWith the real estate market in Las Vegas taking such a downturn you have picked the best time in many, many years (maybe ever) to buy a home for yourself or for investment. Take your time – it’s a buyers market. Find a few deals, make offers and if you get nervous then call our coaching line and tell them I told you to call. You should have that number in the back of the book:-) I wish you the absolute best and I solute you for stepping up – even in the eye of so much adversity. I was raised mush of my life by my single Mom who worked two jobs to make nothing – -I watched her struggles and felt the hardship. That is probably the number one reason I went in to real estate so I could change that for myself and my family. So major congrats once again…. As hard as it all seems sometimes, focus on a bigger future and solutions and do whatever you have to and stick with it.. You Rock!!!! Dean Graziosi

  16. Don Heuer Says:

    By Don Heuer on 8/24/2007 4:32 PM
    i just ordered your “be a real estate millionaire” book a couple of days ago. while i have not recieved it yet, i do maintain high hopes for the future. i have done alot of research on real estate but have found getting started to be dismal at best. as far as finding a mentor, i have had no luck over the past 5 years of trying to find one. most people that i have encountered with this knowledge do not want to share it. buying into foreclosures seems so far to be next to impossible. banks will not finance them due to the fact that they cannot be inspected with no utilities turned on; and secondly, the banks do not want to finance amounts smaller than 80 thousand dollars. as you can see, i have run into many road blocks that have left me living in the realm of payday to payday. so far, i have been strapped with the whole “it takes money to make money” theory. i have two daughters and a grand daughter that all still live at home. trust me when i say, 36.95 was a deep reach in the pocket… i do hope it is worth it.

    Don – I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised with the easy to absorb wisdom in my book. My techniques come from lots of practice over the last 20 years starting out broke with no experience. Take it one step at a time, be creative, be confident, be daring. Remember what you focus on is what you get in life. Have no other thoughts in your mind other then you are GOING to make your first deal happen by the end of the year. Use my book as your guide and take action. You can do it! Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  17. Carma Ogline Says:

    By Carma Ogline on 8/28/2007 9:06 PM
    Hi Dean, I received your book, “Be A Real Estate Millionaire”, the beginning of the month and am slowly trying to understand this whole real estate investment stuff. But, I am very excited about learning this and making myself and my family alot of $$$. I am also very nervous, just like everyone else and feel I need a mentor, or anyone with experience that can help me from beginning to end with my first transaction, at least. PLEASE help me get started. Can you recommend a financial coach for me? I am a RN and used to helping others…not asking for help myself…but this time I am in need of guidance and not afraid to ask for it. :>) Look forward to hearing from you soon. will keep checking this site for any responses. One last thing…I know that it is near impossible to “hold each individuals hand” through their first transaction, but can you make one exception??? hee hee

    Carma – Being nervous is natural. Anytime we step out of our normal routine and try something new it make people nervous. But something to remember to help you stay on course. If you continue in the same routine you have now you will continue to get the same results. So if you are looking to make more money or secure retirement or whatever then you will have to step away from what is normal and try something new. The goal of my book and our advanced training programs is to eliminate your risk and expand your opportunities for rewards. From your post I can tell you are a caring individual and I know being a nurse is no easy task. Apply that same passion and dedication to this – at a a pace you are comfortable with and I know you can make it work. We have a killer mentor program – it’s not for everyone but it may be perfect for you. Call 800-608-7704 ext 600 – and make sure you tell them I told you to call and you want to learn more about having a coach. (FYI our coaches are not $8 an hour operators reading a script – -we have educated and experienced real estate investors who mentor our students –and your success is their number one goal – in fact they can walk you though your first few deals – it’s a killer program) Also give them your email address and I will do my best to check in on you:-) Not easy but I will try. I am answering these posts right now at 5:00 AM before I start my day;-) It is getting harder and harder to find time – but I will do my best… Dean Graziosi

  18. Harold Morales Says:

    By Harold Morales on 8/28/2007 9:06 PM
    Hi Dean. I saw your infomercial last night and have purchased your book this morning after searching info over the internet on you and your business’, some info good — some info not so good… I’m looking forward to reading your techniques and applying them as instructed with the hope that you are the “real deal” and not “full of crap”!


    Harold – Thanks for having faith in me or my programs. I promise not to let you down. There are a handful of negative posts out there about me and it really stinks because we work so hard to provide killer wisdom, knowledge techniques and motivation that are PROVEN TO WORK. But unfortunately there are some web sites out there that live off of my TV exposure – -meaning they have better search engine optimizations skills then we do – they post something negative about me or my program – we have even caught people creating fake testimonials and then at the end of the their “so called review” they let you know about the most amazing program they found. (Which is really just a way to sell their program to you by creating doubt in mine) they are unethical and have no substance. It is gorilla marketing at it’s best.. And then there are probably some complaints that unfortunately our program just wasn’t for them. The thing is though for the handful of people who are unhappy – I am sorry – but the part that makes me fee good is that we have sold over 1 million books, audios and DVD’s and at the end of the day their is only a handful. What makes me feel even more amazing is the real life success stories I get on a non stop basis from people who didn’t expect the book to spit out cash, but rather they read it, took action with proven principles and put cash in the bank. That is worth it all:-) Good luck and keep me posted.
    Best Wishes. Dean Graziosi

  19. Greg De Pol Says:

    By Greg De Pol on 8/28/2007 9:06 PM
    Hi Dean, I made my first real estate investment about 5 yrs ago on my own without ever reading anything. I did it on pure instict that I could not loose and I was right. I sold it for $30k profit. I had a plan to hold on to it longer than I did to make an $80k profit but had to sell early to pay credit card debt. If I did hold on to it I would be right on track to make my 80k. As for now I have perfect credit and I look foward to having some knowledge in addition to just a hunch. I am a little worried though because I am puchasing my first home in three months and I do not want to screw up my credit. I can’t wait to read the book when it arrives and hope I can act fast and turn some profit before I close on my house. Thank you for passing your knowledge on.

    Greg – Congrats on the deal you did all on your own.. Remember any profit is a good profit. Next time you can get the $80k:-) I would say stop worrying. You sound like a bright guy who’s “hunch” made him $30k – you are not going to screw up your credit – in fact you are going to make it stronger by owning a home. Remember the words that come out of our mouths have a huge impact on our future. Focus on all the positive of buying your first home, focus on how your great credit is going to allow you in to your 2nd investment property, focus on the fact that this is a killer market to make a ton of money in and keep me informed on your next deal. Best Wishes. Dean Graziosi

  20. Kathy Says:

    By Kathy Virginia Beach Va on 8/30/2007 12:44 PM
    Dean I am very excited about this new adventure for my future, and family. I am not sure where to begin I have no money to start with but want this badly no I stand corrected need this. HELP !!!!

    Kathy – Stay excited, take one step at a time and definitely study the “No Money Down” section. You may also want to consider the strategy of locking up a deal and assigning it to another investor. Page 198 of the book. It is a lot easier then it sounds. MAKE sure to go to http://www.askdeang.com (site will be up soon if not when you get this) and listen to the conference call I did last night. It can help killer foreclosure deals come to you and it is completely automated.
    Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  21. Harold Morales Says:

    By Harold Morales on 8/31/2007 12:44 AM
    Dean, thanks for your response! I agree with your overview of the online information. I’m learning a ton of information on this pre-foreclosure market and I haven’t even received your book yet, I hope I don’t have to read it to do my first deal – The “Deans List” kicks ass 🙂 Thanks for your tips + motivation + exposing this opportunity to me. Take care.


    Harold – You Rock!!! Keep me posted
    Dean Graziosi

  22. Stacy Says:

    By Stacy on 8/31/2007 12:45 AM
    I missed the live call tonight because I had to stay late and work and I had planned it and got a sitter for it, so I would not miss a thing and just had no control but I am soooooooooo curious as to what was told during the call your e-mail said it was IMPORTANT to my future and can you pleeeeeease fill the rest of us who missed the call in????

    Stacy – The site may not be done until late tonight or tomorrow. But we are going to post the entire call so you can listen to it at your convenience at http://www.askdeang.com – The call was AWESOME if I do say so myself:-)) Best Wishes. Dean Graziosi

  23. Brent and Kathy Says:

    By Brent and Kathy on 8/31/2007 8:35 PM
    Dean- I feel it! We have just jumped aboard the train to financial freedom! Doing it for us will be the easy part. Not having the knowledge has been our downfall.

    After listening to many others who offer information via the tv regarding real estate, you have a honesty that portrays. A realism. Normaly its me who tries to convince my wife to do something. This time it was my wife ordering your book!!!

    It was received today. We have our toll free number set up and we are ready to sift, sort and screen! Thanks for the call last night. Expect to hear from the Farley’s in Phoenix (Queen Creek). We are going somewhere using your information.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Joe P. Says:

    By Joe P on 9/2/2007 5:07 PM
    I really need your help and encouragement. REALLY! I want to get into this but recently became unemloyed and have “0” money. How do I start? I’m 50 and never again want to leave my fate to my employer. . . EVER AGAIN! I am committed but feel somewhat lost. How do I begin?

  25. Jonathan Says:

    By Jonathan on 9/3/2007 2:33 PM
    I know you say you don’t need any credit to do this, but what if I have BAD credit? Here’s my situation. I’m currently unemployed but looking for another job, I have tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to pay back, and my credit is SHOT because of a personal loan I took out and defaulted on. Is this something I can even consider at this point? Thanks very much for your time.

    Jonathan – Please read the post I attached below that I just posted a minute ago to Debra – I think it will really help. Best of luck my friend!!! Dean Graziosi

  26. Teresa Says:

    By Teresa on 9/10/2007 2:29 PM
    Hi, Dean I really want to give ur course a try, Im a mother of 5 wonderfull kids and unemployed. I have bad credit also, and very afraid that i won’t be able to do this. I want to be very motivated so i can go out their and change my kids lives. i need to here from u please, I’ve never had anything nice to show for all the year that i have worked. My # one goal it to get my kids their fist home it would mean the world to me if i could do that for them thanks for reading my message. And God bless u.

    Teresa – Take a look at some of the same information I shared with Debra. Start slow, digest the information and use strategies that have no downside risk and only upside potential. Best of luck. Dean Graziosi

  27. Robert Myers Says:

    By robert myers on 9/12/2007 10:31 PM
    You know I look at these real estate and other things that claim to be willing to make you millions of dollars constantly. Some of them sound like decent ideas. If your “Be a real estate millionaire” book really worked It woul;d be worth more than the 24.95 it sells for. I truely believe you make your millions by selling your books to people desperate to have a better life. I would love to make the kind of money you talk about but I have more doubt about all these money making gurus than faith. I would rather spend my 24.95 paying my bills i barely can pay.
    robert myers
    [email protected]

    Robert – I can understand your questioning. But know a few things – I was a millionaire in my 20’s 100% because of real estate. Also remember this because it may help you out on other things you may or may not try. I have shared soooooo many techniques in my book that have allowed me and countless others to make incredible money with real estate. In fact share the exact techniques that have made me millions. How can I sell it so cheap? Because, I fortunately get to create it once and sell a lot of them – making a little money off of a lot books. Another thing to remember is a $1.00 bill and a $100 bill are printed on the same paper – except one has a lot more value. Try to understand the VALUE of something before judging it. There is an old saying I heard that goes like “A fool is someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing” – By no means Robert am I calling you a fool. You are a skeptical shopper and that is appreciated. But if not my book try something new or nothing will change from what it is now. Best to you. Dean Graziosi

  28. Linda Says:

    By Linda from Rock Island, IL on 9/10/2007 2:30 PM

    I am ordering your book today. Last Sat (9/8/07) I had my radio on in my car and was listening to the local station (Channnel 6) and you were on IP TV (I think). I was kind of excited and thought maybe if I could get home to finish watching your presentation. Unfortunately I was unable to get there soon enough to catch the phone number. I even called Channel 6 to see if they could get any information about the taping and they couldn’t help me. Because I was listening to the show and I didn’t hear them give a phone number or I missed it while I was driving, I went to the Internet to find this site. I would like to get the “Dean’s List” that was offered on the T.V.show and was wondering since I was listening to the show and not watching it, can I receive it? I have read the posts and it seems like I am in the boat with many. I have some fear about getting started and will need some personal hand holding. I have always wanted to own real estate but wasn’t really comfortable taking the first steps. Currently I own just the house I live in but I want to own many more and build my dream home. And I’d like to help my children purchase homes. Please let me know if you’re able to provide me with “Dean’s List.” Once I receive and read your book and apply the principles, I’ll let you know what I think.

    Linda –Please let me know if you ordered and I will make sure C/S looks up your info and make sure you are sent the “Dean’s List” – And the exact strategies I share on how to make money work just as well when saving a whole bunch of money for yourself or your family. Good luck to you:) Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  29. Ed Says:

    By Ed on 9/12/2007 9:54 AM
    Hi Dean, I just ordered your book and I am one of the people that got screwed by the banks and could not keep up with the higher mortgage payments. My house went into foreclosure proceedings and I ended up file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save my house from foreclosure. I really hope you can buy house without getting loans because my credit is shot for awhile. God bless you for help other people, and I hope to take your knowledge and get people out of foreclosure so they don’t have to file bankruptcy. Thanks Ed P.S. My grammar sucks too 🙂

    Ed – I am really sorry you got sucked up in to this recent mess of “Irresponsible Loans”. Banks created. I know that must have been a stressful and difficult time. Yes there is no doubt you will learn some great strategies for helping stop foreclosures and making money at the same time. Keep me posted on your progress.:-)
    Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  30. Brandon Glenn Says:

    By Brandon Glenn on 9/12/2007 9:55 AM
    Mr. Dean im about at the end of the road. I have tried everything from school to 60 hr work weeks and both seem to be dead end alleys for maintaining wealth like i dream of. Im a chance taker and i hold high goals above my head for the future. I’ve always been interested in real estate hopefully with help from your program my dreams can become closer to beoming a reality. I’m about to put my “all” into this and strive to become one of your success stories. Thanks for the knowledge Dean!! May God Bless And Continue Too

    Brandon – I am glad to see you have no given up. I know that would seem be the easy way from the road you have already traveled. But I can tell you an ounce of action is worth a pound of knowledge. Meaning so many people read, get courses and go to seminars but take no action. It seems like you have the action part and with proper timing and using the right strategy I am confident that your energy can be served well in real estate. Think of all the rest of the things you tried as things you now know don’t work and you are moving on to what does. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  31. Michael J Salone Says:

    By MICHAEL J. SALONE on 9/26/2007 12:42 PM
    Dean: Very good book indeed! I wanted to know if you have students doing deals in the S. Florida area where I live. As you know, our area is definitely in a down market as outlined in your book. Realisticly though, don’t you still need about $4,000 to $5,000 to get started? Especially if your credit is poor? Thanks. [email protected]

    Michael – We have successful students all over the country and I encourage any of them in south Florida to contact you. Having $4000 to $5000 is great if you have it, but don’ think for a second you need that much to get started. It may make it a little easier. It’s not a necessity. If you have desire, passion and are ready to roll up your sleeves and do a little leg work, then you have your deposit you need in your drive. I have been suggesting this a lot today – -trying to catch up on blog posts – -make sure to listen to the call at http://www.askdeang.com or you can read a lot on how it works at http://www.automatedforeclosurefinder.com/blog – it is a new system we created to have great deals come to you. I encourage you to make crazy offers that use none of your own money – -make a bunch of them once you find property and you will be amazed (even if you don’t jump on the first one) on how it works once you follow a proven strategy. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  32. Dave Says:

    By Dave on 9/26/2007 12:36 PM
    Dean: I’m hoping this is a good way to contact you and you respond. I received your books and CDs last week. I’m on chapter 6, so the answer to my current question may be ahead. But what what I am afraid of is this: I have my own home currently and have a 465,000.00 mortgage. My FICO is good (low 700’s), but after paying my monthly expenses, I don’t have much left.

    How do you feel I can secure an additional mortgage loan (even if my intention was to flip in a month or two) when the majority of my income is already tied up? Don’t you think any loan officer who ran my credit would see that I am pretty well tapped out already, and not feel good about giving me a loan? Thanks for your time. I’m enjoying the book on CD a lot.


    Dave – Great question. I would suggest in your case that you forget about everything else and all other bills. You may not have much left at the end of each month, but you are obviously paying your bills or you wouldn’t have a great FICA score like you do. So, look at any potential property deal as a self contained investment. Meaning that when you use my analysis chart and cash flow breakdown, that property has to pay for itself and not impact your current way of life in a negative way. Two years ago it may have been really difficult to find a property that cash flowed. But with so many homes going in to foreclosure and a lot less demand with a ton on inventory for sale, these opportunities are getting more and more plentiful. You can pick and choose the right home, in the right area and run the numbers to make sure it pays for itself. As to your question about the bank, you have a great credit score, you obviously have a job and you are finding a home that will cash flow. They are ingredients that a bank or mortgage broker would love to have in looking for a loan for you. I don’t want to write a book here – so I hope what I wrote helps:) Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  33. Dave Says:

    By Dave on 9/26/2007 12:39 PM
    Dean: I was talking to my dad tonight about investing in real estate and a some of the methods you have outlined. My dad said he thought that if you apply for a loan with 100% financing there is often, if not always, a document you need to sign that states that you will be the resident of the house. This would cause problems if the intention was to rent the house until the market allowed for a sale for profit. I don’t recall doing this when I bought my home with 100% financing, but I knew nothing about what I was doing and signed many forms that I had no idea what they said or meant :). Have you ever heard of this? My dad also suggested that homes in the state are very often in real poor condition (like mine was when I bought it) and the cost to fix them can be exceptional (like mine was). Thank you! Dave

    Dave –

    Hey Dave – Yes, that is true. Many times when you do 100% financing straight through a bank, they want you to live in it so you have more of a vested interest in paying your payments. But 100% financing does not always mean you have to get all of the 100% through the bank. That is why I list a variety of ways to get the money you need to buy a home. Also, ways to lock up property and pass it along to someone else and make a profit in the middle. Those profits can be later turned in to down payment money for other homes. And yes, foreclosed homes can be in rough shape. I have bought homes that looked like a train ran through them and others that needed a coat of paint and were ready for new people to move in. The fact is, 29,000 homes a week are going in to foreclosure. Many are good people, who take care of their home and unfortunately got the wrong loan 3 years ago that now is too much for them to afford. Supply is high and it is a buyers market. So to best feed your questions, get your butt out there and start looking at deals. Your Dad is going to do everything he can to protect you and not want to see you fail. But his love for you could be holding you back from getting out there and making things happen. I would say… go look at some homes, get your feet wet and then make some educated decisions on how things look. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  34. Ariel Toliver Says:

    ”Inspired” By Ariel Toliver on 9/26/2007 12:40 PM
    Hi Dean, i am from New Orleans ”born and raised”. And i just recieved your book and i was so greatful of the info you or just throwin out to help someone like me. I never went passed highschool either and i look at you with all that money and to still succeed without a diploma was sooooooo inspirational to me i had to get your book. And i learned form you i should be able tomake money like everbody else reguardless of me not finishing school.

    Ariel – I would take heart, passion and desire with a willing to learn and take action over a college degree any day. Don’t get me wrong, having a degree combined with those attributes is amazing as well.
    But don’t ever let anyone make you feel less of a person or less capable because you don’t have a college degree. My special ed 7th grade English teacher was mean as shit to me, called me a loser and I hated that. I still can’t write well and I know my spelling and grammar stink, but real estate made me rich, not my spelling abilities. One thing I do know for sure, I made more money last week then I am sure she made in two years of teaching. I would like to see who she wants to call stupid now. Hope that is a little inspiration for you. Best of luck Ariel.
    Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  35. Jay Says:

    By [email protected] on 9/26/2007 12:41 PM
    Well I just finished the book and I have to say you did inspire me to take the first step. Im currently working on obtaining liquid to pursue any future investments. Im leaning towards foreclosure property rightnow, not quite ready to get into the tax leins yet. Thanks for the Info

    Jay – Glad you liked it. I hope more than anything that when people read my book, it is not just a good read or just teach you “What” real estate investing is all about. My goal was to give you the “How” to make money and the tools to take actions. I can tell you are going to kill it. Best of luck. Dean Graziosi

  36. Danny Marquez Says:

    By Danny marquez on 9/26/2007 12:44 PM
    I have almost finished your book two chapters to go .But i could’nt wait to start looking for deals so i already have two properties i am going to look at from your 4closurealert.com site the homes are already being sold under their value.I plan to negotiate the price further down then lock it in with earnest money contract and sell the contract to an investor I have already spoken too that is lookiing for good deals in the area,he already posted a sign for a finders fee of 10k so all I have to is find him a good deal to buy and find abuyer for one of his homes and then boom 20k in two deals.Thanks for laying it out so easily Dean I want to work with you guys too for when I purchase my first property wish me luck I will blog again soon to let everyone know how the deal went.

    Danny – You make all my long ass days worth it. It’s not easy after a 12 hour day to write in this blog. I read all the posts daily, but since I am a two finger typer (yes two best selling books written with two fingers) it takes a while to express myself. Sometimes I don’t feel I can’t express myself fully or answer a question completely without a long paragraph. It gets hard, BUT when I read posts like yours, it inspires me to stay true to my goal. The reason I got in the “training others to do what I do” biz, was to have the ability to make money while at the same time, I share all my wisdom with others so they can do the same. You are exactly why I am in this business. I expect to hear from you with your first success story within 6 months. Please let us know what we can do to help. Keep on Rocking!!! Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  37. Kewin King Says:

    By kewin king on 9/26/2007 12:45 PM
    hey Dean i orderd your book i cant wait to recieve it i own a property now i want to learn how take my corporation to the next level i need to enhance my knowledge and i will use your strategies step by step to hopefully take me there i want to be able to show my kids how to be financially secured so they wont think they to have sell drugs,robbery or steal. i mean this from the heart im from the inner city and need knowledge to get away.im depending on you and your system Dean. kewin king ,cleve,oh [email protected]

    Kewin – I applaud you for standing out and taking the high road. Your kids are very lucky to have a Dad like you. Like I have said before, my book won’t print $100 bills, but the information that is in there allowed me to go from a broke kid to living a darn good life. If you can find the time to learn from my trial and error, there is no reason you can’t show your kids a way of life and a way to make great money that is amazing. Best of luck to you my friend. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  38. Dori Says:

    By Dori on 9/26/2007 12:46 PM
    Although I am excited to read the book, I feel that inititally I have been mislead. When watching your infomercial on TV which inspired me to purchase the book, it was stated clearly and many times throughout that Dean’s book was not available in stores or online. However, that is not true because it is available at Amazon.Com and Barnes and Noble for 1/2 the price that I just paid. I am looking forward to reading this but very disappointed and disillusioned as to why I have been mislead.

    Dori – Please don’t let a misunderstanding tarnish the incredible information in the book. The fact is that the book IS NOT yet available in stores. It is for pre-sale only at Amazon and won’t be available until October 12th. And yes you can buy it a bit cheaper at Amazon but then you would not get my special FREE report the “Dean’s List” and believe me that report alone is worth it’s weight in gold. In fact anyone who read this already, please give a comment on the value of that little report all on it’s own. So sorry for the misunderstanding but feel amazing that what you have paid $24.95 for has allowed me and many others to generate a fortune from real estate. I think it’s a bargain.. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  39. Jerry Says:

    By Jerrytheprecariousbut on 9/26/2007 12:47 PM

    Seen your ad numerous times and thought to myself “oh great another get rich quick scheme”! With a sea of “buy my product and your money worries are over” bombarding people from all sides, its hard to sift through all the garbage to find something that is worthy of giving it any attention.

    I just bought your book and at this time remaining a sckeptic on the subject due to I havent put it to work for me. Also, I really dont have a lot of money to spare. My wife and I both have school loans that are beginning to come due. We both would like to return to school to finish up our bachelors but with our finances it is hard to survive on one income alone. At this time we are looking for other options without puting ourselves even more in debt. There is the stock market or I could be a male gigalo both having thier “ups and downs”. Then I regained my sanity and desided to keep my dignity intact by purchasing Deans book of real estate magic.

    I am hoping that your strategies are the answer we have been looking for to keep our heads above the finacial flood.

    Oh, by the way the wife dont know about this so you see how much explaining I would have to do in if this didnt work out….so Dean the pressure is on you my friend!!

    Jerry – I appreciate your skepticism. There is a lot of crap out there for sure. But let me tell you that you have made a wise investment. I would love to say the book is magic and once you get it, your financial troubles are over and you will be an instant Millionaire. Sorry – -it’s not a magic lamp. But it can be. Your wishes can be granted by reading it and taking action with the lessons I share. You have picked a great time to give real estate a try. Now go for it, make money, and then you can let your wife know while you book vacation:) Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  40. Abner Figueroa Says:

    By Abner Figueroa on 9/26/2007 12:48 PM
    The Idea of locking a property by contract sounds very good, or leveraging money using my perfect 700+ credit to qualify for non stated income or assets but what if I lock a deal and cant get rid of it? For example here in Las Vegas there are more than 25000 houses on the market, we are in a down market right now and that includes rental property, is getting hard to even rent a property. what will happen when the time comes to make the payments and I dont really have any extra cashflow coming in?

    Abner – The unfortunate part for most people in today’s market is that there are so many foreclosures. The fortunate part of today’s market for you is that there are so many foreclosure and homes for sale. Supply far outweighs demand. So, in you quest for your first home make sure to buy one that you know will cash flow in case you want to rent it. In fact that is the strategy I suggest in today’s market. Everyone is trying to sell and “Get Out” of a deal. You can be one of the few looking to buy. This means you have a lot to pick and choose from. Be picky – find an area that is desirable for renters, find a property that will cash flow and make an offer that fits in your criteria. You can get spread sheets at http://www.deangraziosi.com to help with a cash flow analysis. The strategy is to buy, rent to pay the bills with a little left over and hold until the market turns and sell or refinance to pull out cash for more deals. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  41. Ciro J Cespedes Says:

    By ciro j. cespedes on 9/26/2007 12:49 PM
    Hi Dean, I just got your book a few days ago, and would like to know if there is a student that has done any deals in the Miami area that I could get in contact with….hope to hear from you soon..looking foward in reading your book and starting ma.PS will keep in contact king deals

    Hey Ciro – It’s funny I just answered a similar post. See above We have students making money all over the country. So Miami will be no different if you follow the game plan. Make sure to listen to last months teleseminar at http://www.askdeang.com or check out http://www.automatedforeclosurefinder.com/blog for some great new techniques to have foreclosures come to you no matter what city you are in. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  42. Shelton Says:

    By Shelton C North Carolina on 9/26/2007 12:50 PM
    I have watched your program and even called to place the order. I haven’t ordered yet but I am as soon as I finish writing you. Currently I am in a lease/option that the owner has over 30k in tax liens another 30 k in a 2nd mortgage and then 42k in state and federal taxes. I have paid 58k out of pocket to him besides the $1,300.00 per month I pay with $200.00 of each payment going to purchase which has accumilated to an additional $9,600.00 toward purchase. Our contract was for $183,500.00 I have increased the value of the property over $100,000.00 due to improvements and additions. I am on the verge of losing it all. Supposedly he had no clue about all the leins and the 2nd was in the name of his exwife who bankrupted but he kept the home so it was attached to the property. Can you help me with some advice. I am calliing now to order your book. If I lose this I lose everything, I realize I was crazy to improve a property that I did not own but I recently tried to purchase per the agreement of the lease option, with help from my father (because my credit is gross with tax and credit card liens and 2 judgements)and ran into the liens and yesterday when I got home the foreclosure notice. I could kill the guy but then I go to prision. He can’t repay me for the $58K out of pocket or the 53K hard cost of improvements that have enhanced the value approximately $91k. I am desperate and my family life is now insecre. Any imput would be much appreciated. email me if possiable at TheRepairDoctor.com I am in construction hence the name

    Shelton – Sorry to hear of your circumstance – that is not a pleasant thing I am sure for you and your family. The thing is though, you are in the middle of it and the only thing you can do at this point is focus all your energy on a solution. So many times we – without knowing – spend a lot of time trying to figure out who is to blame, or who’s fault it is or why could this happen. Unfortunately none of that thinking will allow you to find the solution. So I suggest eliminating any of that and use that energy to try and solve a mess that you didn’t create. So a few quick thoughts… How much is owed on the house in total? You didn’t list how much was owed on the first mortgage. Is the value of the home more then what is owed? In market like this banks are very eager to help out situations like this because they can’t afford another foreclosure. So I would get with your landlord and see if you can work with his bank through him. If there is more owed than the home is worth, then use my techniques to try and do a short sale which could allow you to potentially buy the home for less then is owed on it. Does he have a job? Own anything else you could attach a lien to? If you have to pay more for the home to avoid losing your $100k then maybe he can owe you some of the money back and you can take something in on collateral? It is hard to give a great answer without all the variables in front of me. So I am just hoping to spark something for you. I know it has to be a stressful thing for you and your family. But you still have a little time. So try and exhaust every possible avenue. My book can defiantly help with out of the box thinking. Please update me and best of luck. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  43. David B Lewis Says:

    By DavidBLewis on 9/24/2007 6:07 PM
    Got the Book on Friday and went to chap 16 cause I am interested in buying foreclosures. After getting halfway throught that chapter, I realized that I need to start at the verry beginning of the book. I am now at chapter 4 and realize all the thing I never knew.

    Thanks for the book.

  44. Scott Says:

    Awesome By Scott Holland on 9/26/2007 12:51 PM
    I am a 38 yr old single father of a 15 yr old daughter, I work in produce in a grocery store where the work is ok but my co-workers are driving me nuts. My check gets garnished for about $500-600 per month, I spent every last resource on a lawyer fighting for my daughter, and I live in a dumpy apartment. I have bought many “get rich quick” schemes over the last 20 yrs and as I’m sure you can tell, I’m still broke.

    Now you’re probably saying to yourself “That all sucks, why did this guy title his post Awesome?” Well, here it is… Not everyone wants to call a 976 sports or chat line, not everyone wants to try a new biologically safe cleaning detergent, not everyone feels they need all natural vitamins to support a healthy body, but as you put it, “Everyone needs a place to live”. I’ve come to realize that this is NOT another get rich quick “scheme”, this is a serious investment opportunity! And, as I read through your book, I can see that you’re not just about making another buck by writing a vague book and selling it to the masses, you have apparently left nothing of value out and obviously want to help others reach their goals. AND, I have never seen the kind of support and resources from any of those get rich quick schemes that you deliver on. Also, never has one of those schemes addressed the personal issues that keep so many people from reaching anything beyond arms length like you do consistantly throughout your book, let alone having an entire section on it.

    My older brother has been in construction about 30 yrs and he’s been talking the last few yrs about wanting to fix and flip houses but we didn’t know the first thing about getting the houses in the first place. I have every bit of confidence that I now hold the key (your book) to make both of our dreams come true. I’ve already got my handyman (brother), already have some investors lined up, and already been scouting the area for run down houses in nice neighborhoods.

    I’ve never been so excited about anything in my life and other than thank you Dean, all I can say is;


    Scott Holland
    [email protected]

    Scott – I have a 9 month old daughter and I understand completely. I commend you for fighting for what is best for your daughter. What good would it be if you were filthy rich and could not see or raise her. I look in my daughters eyes and know I would give up all my money and live in a cardboard box to protect her. Shit, I’d give her my heart if she needed a transplant. I am going to ask you to stop saying that you are broke – you are currently out of money right now, but you are truly RICH.. BUT if we can help you make a boatload of money and you still have that then we are getting somewhere… Scott, I truly believe this is your time. You are done fighting for your daughter and you are charged up and ready to take action. Take a step back, write down all of your strengths (did you go to http://www.deansfaststart.com – -great exercise) write down all the people you can get involved to help you in one way or another, pick your strategy and make it happen. If no one told you lately – you should be proud of yourself. Go for it!!!! Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  45. Laura Oakey Says:

    By Laura Oakey on 9/26/2007 12:53 PM
    I just bought your book and I have similar questions to some of the ones above which unfortunately you skipped right over. Maisha and Dave have some valid questions that your book does not address. Please don’t skip the hard questions, it’s not good for your credibility. Also, not too happy about $10. for shipping and handling on your book when I see it on amazon for $10. less.

    Laura – I don’t think I missed any questions on purpose. I type so freaking slow that it takes me forever to reply. I have been writing blog replies now for 4 hours… You should check out the answers I replied with and hopefully they answer some of your questions. As to the book price, the book is not yet available through Amazon. That happens October 10 or 12. Yes you can get it a little cheaper through Amazon once it is available for sale. But as I explained in an earlier post, you don’t get the “Dean’s List” that I truly believe it has a value that can’t put a price tag on. The techniques in that special report have made me a fortune. So, the extra few dollars you paid are well worth it and I know you will agree once you read it. Best wishes to you. Dean Graziosi

  46. Louis Says:

    By Louis on 9/26/2007 12:54 PM
    Hi Dean

    I’m a 20 year old college student, looking to get started on investing. I had a question as far as finding homes to lock up and getting a finder’s fee: Since I am new to this do you recommend a real estate agent or lawyer to help me with the initial contract or are the documents on your site to download enough?

    Also for when I lock up a deal to assign, who would be responsible for the closing costs? Me? The Seller? or The assignee? Would I have the appraiser come in and look at the house or can the assignee do it himself?I have a friend who is a real estate agent but I wasn’t sure if I should bring her in since it I wasn’t sure how it would affect the costs. Thanks for your time. I know its a lot of questions, but thanks for your time.

    Louis – First of all, congrats on taking action at the ripe young age of 20. A man after my own heart. I would say if you can afford to pay for 30 minutes of an attorneys time, it may be worth it to give you a deeper sense of security. But DO NOT let an attorney or a real estate agent talk you out of pursuing your goals. I have had to fire attorneys and real estate agents in the past because they tried to pass of their way of thinking on me. There are great attorneys and great real estate agents and horrible ones as well. Just like any professions. But make sure you find someone with an open mind that will share ways to protect you with the style of investing YOU PLAN on using… They are there to protest your interest, not teach you how to invest. In most cases, the person you are assigning the deal to pays and sets up everything for the closing. You are merely getting a fee for assigning that deal over to them. Hope that helps. You unfortunately are my last post of about 20 I just replied to, so I hope I was not too short on the answer. Best of luck! Dean Graziosi

  47. Steve Says:

    By Steve from San Francisco on 9/30/2007 8:53 AM
    Hi Dean,

    I’m a 24 year old college student here, and I also want to get into investing because like you I’ve watched both my parents struggle. I know when I graduate from art school, I will be in tremendous debt! Now my question is, how do I go about finding investors to assign deals to? Also what if I invest in a home that is out of state, and I’m not able to actually see the property, how do I go about determining whether the home is a good or bad deal? I’m ready to take action and change my life!

    I also want to thank you for your wealth of knowledge. I’ve barely made a dent in it, but I’m starting to get it! So thank you Dean.

  48. Ed P. Johnstown, PA Says:

    Hi Dean,

    I listen to the Sept. 27 conference call and wrote everything down like you advised. I am very confidante that this is going to work for me. I sent the email request for the pre-recorded message for the sift, sort & screen program but I have yet to receive it. Can you please have it sent to me? Thanks, Ed

  49. Dean Graziosi Says:

    Please send your request to our helpdesk and they can get you everything you need. http://www.deanenterprisesllc.com/helpdesk

  50. Keith Keller Says:

    Hey Dean,

    I was just wondering if you plan on putting your book out in an audio format. I travel so much for work that it’s hard to get the time to read books. I would love to be able to get your information and knowledge while working at the same time! Thanks for your time.


    Thank you for your interest in my book. I know it is difficult finding the time to read while you’re on the go. Right now, it is only available once you buy the book. You can do that through http://www.realestatemillionairetv.com. Best wishes. Dean Graziosi

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