Jul 20

I am getting better with posting and promise to keep it up. I just got back yesterday from an 8 day trip to HawaiiMaui actually where I had the chance to have fun and brainstorm with an amazing group of people. Not just on real estate but on many entrepreneurial topics.

In Maui I spent several days with Joe Polish a really good friend of mine who owns Piranha Marketing. He is a brilliant marketer and if you have a small business you want to take to the next level with unique strategies most of the world does not know, he is your guy. He is holding a super conference in November where I will be speaking at; along with people like Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines and many others. Look him up if you are interested. I also brainstormed with Bill Phillips; author of :Body For Life: and “Eat For Life” and his soon to be released book “Transformation”. Bill hands down is responsible for transforming more lives in the fitness arena then anyone alive. He is the real deal!! Joe Sugarman; who gave us the blue blocker sunglasses, and is probably one, if not the greatest copywriters of all time. Tim Ferris the author of “The 4 Hour Work Week” which is a screaming NY Times Best seller. Cameron Johnson; who is the author of “You Call The Shots” and America’s leading young Entrepreneur. He made his first Million dollars BEFORE graduating high school. Plus some other great thinkers like Dan Kuschell and Gale Kingsbury who runs and organizes all of T. Harv Eckers events.

OK so why am I seemingly dropping names? For no other reason, then to let you know that they are no different from you. Yes, their combined worth is probably well past a Billion dollars and most have huge notoriety. But all they decide to do is take action where most people don’t. All of them had hardships, many were broke at one point, had troubled relationships, annoying friends, pain in the ass family, bad jobs, bad employees and much more. But they focused on what they wanted and went for it.


The group of people I was with, even though they were some of the most successful people in America were just regular great people who went for it and made it big. And with action taken in real estate or anything you have a passion for success on amazing levels is possible for you. I get to see it over and over and it lets me see it is available to us all.

Now I know I had some specific real estate questions from a few students and I will get to them in more detail in a later post. But this post is to let you know in my eyes action speaks much loader then anything else. So I urge you to go for it!!

Ok, real quick – Lisa starting on page 198 in Be A Real Estate Millionaire should tell you most everything you need to know about lease options. Whatever is not there email my office and tell them I said to get you any information you need to help you make a great decision.

Maisha – I am not sure if you have my Think A Little Different real estate course or not – -but if you do there is a video and a complete checklist that breaks down everything you should look for. That alone should give you a ton of confidence and you will learn a lot about the little things that can make or break you. If you don’t have the program I suggest you get it. It’s only $35 and if you want get it – -read that section and if you don’t think the knowledge is worth 10 times what you paid for it return it and I will pay you back twice what you paid. GuaranteedJ You can get it at www.thinkalitteldifferent.com

Buddy – finding a mentor is a great thing. Look for someone who has had real estate success and ask if you can do something to help them or pay them to teach you. Knowledge like this is priceless. If you can’t find someone then call my office at 1.800.315.7782 and tell them I told you to call and ask about working with one of our experienced real estate coaches.

Ok – -long enough – -have a great week

20 Responses to “Brainstorming in Maui”

  1. Lindsay Taylor Says:

    By Lidsay Taylor AZ on 7/27/2007 10:36 PM
    Got my first property in escrow today. I have already talked to your staff letting them know I want to be on your next infomercial as soon as I sell this property and make a bunch of money. The market is perfect here in AZ now for buying distressed properties. This house was on the market for 247 days. I got it cheap enough that I can rent it and the rent will cover my mortgage and all expenses. Like you said in your real estate course, I can sell it when the market goes back up. In the meanwhile the tenant is building my equity for me. You can’t imagine how it feels to be a single mom and be able to do this. I look forward to making money. I also really want to be on TV. I will keep hounding you until you put me on. Blessings Linsday

  2. Bobby Says:

    By Bobby on 7/29/2007 8:37 PM
    You rock dude!!!!! I have your book – I have Bill Phillips book (and I got in great shape because of it) and I have Tim Ferris’s book as well. All three are awesome. Do all you rich smart guys hand out:-) I think it’s cool. I want to be that rich someday so I can look like Bill can help me look, work 4 hours a week like Tim preaches and do it all from your real estate teachings. All the best. Bob

  3. Kent Says:

    By Kent on 8/19/2007 3:23 PM
    Question for you Dean. Is the website you have now sell your “newest edition” R.E infomercial course “Think A Little Different” or is it the previous “older” course?

    I also don’t see where you can get your “new” Real Estate book free as stated on your new infomercial. The website states nothing about it at all that I can see.

    I was going to order off your website because I don’t like calling the 800 numbers off TV and get over zelous order takers trying to get me to order more stuff than I want to order. It doesn’t work (at least on me) and just makes me angry. Can someone order “online” and get your newest version of the course & your new book as stated?

    Kent – If you place an order for the “Think” course online at http://www.thinkalittledifferent.com you are still eligible for a free book. That’s for sure… Dean Graziosi

  4. Paulette Foley Says:

    Help needed in Tennessee!! (Nothing to do with Maui) By Paulette Foley on 8/20/2007 8:51 PM

    I am 2 to 3 weeks from losing my house in Martin, Tennessee. (Martin is a wonderful, small college town just about 2 hours from Memphis and about 2 hours from Nashville. Is anyone interested in this proposition? The property is modestly appraised at $120,000; need $85,000 to get out of mortgage without foreclosure. Not sure of square footage but it has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, finished attic, game room, 2-car garage, and 1.?? acre lot attached beside the house.

    I am desperate. Can you help??!!

    Paulette Foley

    Paulette – Please post again as soon as you can and leave your email address so I can have someone get back to you and see if we can help. Also if you leave your address there may be other people interested in working with you to stop the foreclosure. It can only help. Sorry to hear about your situation. Hopefully something can be done. Best wishes. Dean Graziosi

  5. Harold Morales Says:

    By Harold Morales on 8/31/2007 12:45 AM
    Hey Dean. I just listened to your conference call tonight. You offered some great information. If you don’t mind I have some suggestions for you…

    1) You should have a cut off time for callers to log-in and inform us within your signup email why there is a cut off point. It was really aggravating trying to write everything down as quick as you spit it out while being cut off from understanding you through the beeps of the late callers.

    2) I have a disability making writing down your rapid fire info a challenge. Why couldn’t you or your team create a visual download to follow along with you for those of us who have computers along with a digital recording of your conference call to follow up with afterwards for our growing tool box of tips & tricks? For those of us who don’t have computers, maybe a 1-800 to call to hear your message again afterwards within a set time frame, only offered to those who log-in to hear you on the scheduled conference date as a bonus for us – and a new resource for you to research to see if you get a greater number of signups. This could easily shorten the conference call and insure everyone has the opportunity to get your instruction information. It’s just an idea 🙂

    Talk to you later… Take care.


    Harold – I LOVE feedback!!! I could not agree with you more. Those beeps were a little crazy. I emailed my staff right after the call and said to make sure they are gone for next month:-)

    Plus within 48 hours of me writing this the entire call will be posted for you to listen to as many times as you need at http://www.askdeang.com.

    Thanks Harold:-) Best wishes to you- Dean Graziosi

  6. Debra Says:

    By Debra on 9/3/2007 2:33 PM
    I been reading your book and i feel fusturated. I don’t know where to even start finding ppl to invest that kind of money. It is depressing because i feel i’m in this akine even with all your books ect.. All the know how don’t do me any good what so ever if there is no money and noone with the money to be my invester. I feel i can read until i can not see the page anymore and get nowhere if i don’t have any money or a invester. I feel downhearted right now and thinking about giving up and sending back the book. It does take money to make money, Money i don’t have and money i don’t know of anyone having that would invest in this. Take care, Good Luck everyone. Debra

    Debra – I urge you to please take that type of thinking and throw it away. What you focus on is what you get out of anything. If you keep telling yourself you need money to make money then that is exactly what you will get. Please go back and read pages 198 to 211 and read the “Dean’s List” if you didn’t already and read it a second time if you already did. You have to know that I have students all over the country with no money and no credit doing amazing and so can you. Is it easy, will it happen all on it’s own? Absolutely Not!! But if you want to make a change in your life IT IS POSSIBLE starting with no money. Using the techniques I teach to find foreclosures you can start by being a “match maker” meaning you spend the time and energy to find a great deal then network to pass that deal along to another investor for a finders fee. It is a practice that I do, my students do and it works. I know life can be overwhelming and I personally don’t know the adversity you face. But I speak from my heart when I say I have watched countless people in a financial tail spin change their life forever because of real estate. Do you best to focus on a positive solution for making money with real estate with no money – -read again and let us know what we can do to help. Best of luck to you – Dean Graziosi

  7. Melinda Johnson Says:

    By Melinda Johnson – Denver on 9/2/2007 5:07 PM
    Hi Dean, We made a final offer on our first foreclosure today. Would you believe there were 3 within 2 miles from our home. The house is perfect for my friend looking to rent. I’m almost positive we will get it and the rent my friend pays will cover the mortgage taxes and insurance. We are so excited and want to thank you so very much. You gave us the tools and the courage to do this. I also wanted to comment about some other posts that I have seen on other sites when searching online. I think it is absolutely disgusting that someone could write anything negative about the information and assistance you provide. I can tell you are a caring person and besides that the information you share works. I would bet to say the people (which are only a few) who say negative things about your program actually did not read it or take action with it. They are probably the type that complains about everything in their life. So if it helps I want you to know you put a spark in the life of my husband and I and I know we are going to be a great success for you. Keep up the great work and get another post up soon. Thank you and God Bless. Melinda

  8. Jeff Says:

    By Jeff in las Vegas on 9/26/2007 11:48 AM
    Well i just saw the interview you did with Don in Boston and the timing may be good. As you may know as of last week we have more foreclosures than anywhere in the U.S. I am a loan officer by profession and have not closed a deal since May! I need some income now! With lenders closing their doors and clients backing out it has been tough. I have always heard you could go to the bank and get a list of pre-forclosures or foreclosures but not sure if that is true. I still have alittle cushion left but because of little income, not sure if it is posssible. Now understand, I am the eternal optimist..and i have no “quit” in me. But not sure what to do to find a deal..

    Jeff – It’s unfortunate how hard your industry has taken a hit, but I compliment you for wanting to get back on the horse in another area of real estate. You are doing what most people don’t. You are taking action instead of just complaining with the “poor me” attitude and being paralyzed from it. It may be a real “poor me” situation, but unfortunately that does not pay the bills. There are lots of ways to find foreclosures and many are listed on page 218. Also, I had a conference call last month teaching people how to have great foreclosure deals come to you. WE have been working on this for quite some time and it works amazingly well. You can listen to the call at http://www.askdeang.com or you can read a lot on how it works at http://www.automatedforeclosurefinder.com/blog – Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  9. Leo Says:

    By Leo from Florida on 9/26/2007 12:14 PM
    Dean, (regarding Debra 9-3-07)
    I was touched by your empathy towards Debra. I truly hope you and your staff can help her to “help herself.” She sounds overwhelmed……perhaps a checklist of sorts to guide her actions into a series of small successful steps to lift her upward and onward. Lets not forget Debra, as others have not forgot us. None of us got here alone….!

    Leo – It’s great to see caring people like you who know what you put out there always comes back. We will help Deborah any way we can 🙂 Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  10. Paulette Foley Says:

    I am 2 to 3 weeks from losing my house in Martin, Tennessee. (Martin is a wonderful, small college town just about 2 hours from Memphis and about 2 hours from Nashville. Is anyone interested in this proposition? The property is modestly appraised at $120,000; need $85,000 to get out of mortgage without foreclosure. Not sure of square footage but it has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, finished attic, game room, 2-car garage, and 1.?? acre lot attached beside the house.

    I am desperate. Can you help??!!

    Paulette Foley

    Paulette – I am so sorry for the situation you are in. I wish I could purchase all the homes that are offered to me and help out everyone that emails. Unfortunately things got so big that it would be impossible. Please email me and let me know how you are doing with this. I posted your email in a few places where my top students look for great deals. I have a few other options as well, so please update me. Wishing you peace and security. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  11. Richard Lewis Says:

    By Richard Lewis on 9/26/2007 11:49 AM
    More info and pics when available. (Help needed in Tennessee.

    Richard – I’m trying Trying my best to post on a regular basis and add new content. In fact, look for a great post from me, not only answering questions, but revealing some great wisdom and techniques that are making people a ton of cash. Talk soon. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  12. Divini Creech Says:

    By Divini (Davina) Creech on 9/26/2007 11:49 AM
    HI DEAN! Your quote below…

    Using the techniques I teach to find foreclosures you can start by being a “match maker” meaning you spend the time and energy to find a great deal then network to pass that deal along to another investor for a finders fee.

    I am a single mom of 2 and a loan officer so no need to go into detail about my financial situation in this market on that note right now…I have read the previous blogs and about can identify with all situations at this point…I am a die hard “optimist” and know I can blow this real estate thing up…problem is I am in a chapter 13 w/ just under a year to go, so acquiring credit is not an option for me (in my name anyway)…the above statement you made appeals to me, I need to know better exactly how to do this…is it as simple as it sounds? I have an investor friend in Maryland that does exactly what you teach which we spoke of months ago and would imagine he would be interested in capitalizing on some properties down here in Texas…sooooo, if I find them, use his money to make profit, is this how it works? I just need someone to walk me through it…I saw on your infomercial, transactions where people pocketed cash and walked away “without actually purchasing the property”…just need a bit of education on how this works…is this the “investor hook up” for a finders fee you mention?

    Divini – Like anything in life worth doing, it’s not easy. But it’s not difficult either once you know the steps to do it. You see, when the market is hot like it was in most of the country up until 12 to 18 months ago. Finding a deal was not hard because prices were going up so fast, making investors lazy. In much of the country, if you bought a home, cleaned it up and held it for 6 months and sold it, you made a great profit. In today’s market, that does not work anymore. You need to buy smart. To be quite honest, most people don’t have the techniques you have at your finger tips to find great deals. And, like I mentioned, they got lazy. So, if you use my techniques to find a great deal – lock it up and pass it along to another investor who was not as knowledgeable as you to find it, then you can make great money as the middle man. I’ve done this and so have many of my successful students. If they can do and if I can do it, so can you!! Like I did for Jeff, I suggest you go to http://www.askdeang.com and listen to that audio on how foreclosures can come to you or also look at http://www.automatedforeclosurefinder.com/blog – Good luck;-) Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  13. Dave Deane Says:

    By Dave Deane on 9/26/2007 11:56 AM
    Dean, glad you had good time with Richard Branson. But PLEASE don’t let him talk you into accepting the phony global warming discussion. He seems to be connected to a lot of folks who want a one-world govt. Global warming is about global governance. And please, everyone, keep in touch with your elected officials re: the proposed North American Union/Nafta Super Highway, in which our borders and our sovereignty will be lost with the consolidation of the U.S., Mexico and Canada. If we are to continue to be home and property owners we MUST not allow the “globalists” to take our property and rights from us. For more info. please go to “Stopspp.com” Forgive me for getting political but we are at a crucial point in the life of this country. Too many corporate socialists are trying to destroy America as a sovereign country. Thanks and God Bless you all!!!!!! Dave Deane, St. Louis

    Hey Dave – No worries no one says the way I think. I posted your comments because I feel everyone has the right to express their feelings. Good luck in all you do and stand for. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  14. Michael Clark Says:

    By MICHAEL CLARK in Oahu on 9/19/2007 9:50 PM
    I am interested in the property in Martin,Tennessee appraised @$120,000. You can give me a call at 318.344.1656 to discuss some possible options. Thank You.

    Michael Clark

  15. Blake Says:

    By Blake on 9/26/2007 12:12 PM
    OK Dean, I got the book. I finished reading through it in 3 days and I’ve already looked at a couple of foreclosed homes in my area. I know a great realtor who helped me purchase my first home and was thinking about giving him a call to help me understand the local market better. I got to say im a little nervous about it. I never thought about making money in real estate before. I’ve got the motivation to do it (Happily maried w/ two kids). I work at a ARMY depot in Alabama and make good money, but I’ll never make great money working there. I want to provide my kids with everything they’ll ever need and I hope I’ll find a way to make this work. I know if i can do this one time I can do it again and again. Every time I read one of the stories about the students in the book I’m like “If they can do it by god so can I” Thanks for all the information.

    Blake – Stepping out of a comfort zone isn’t easy is it? But is it worth it – -Absolutely!! Especially if it’s with the right opportunity at the right time. And that is real estate and right now. First don’t take too much to heart what a realtor might share with you. There are amazing realtors who are smear and work hard for their money. But in most cases they are not investors. They work on commissions and make money when a sale happens. Not that anyone is trying to hurt you, but when money is on the line, people tend to lean towards what puts that money in their pocket. I would say, make sure you read my book cover to cover and make sure to be on the monthly conference calls. Absorb all the knowledge and experience we share and most of all, be ready to take action with this information. You have a family and work hard for your money – I know that to be true. So study enough, learn from my trial and error and get involved in a deal with minimal risk and only upside potential. It IS AVAILBLE IN TODAY’S MARKET. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Good luck. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  16. Linda Cole Says:

    By Linda Cole on 9/26/2007 12:14 PM
    I ordered the “Think” information but could not find where you get the free book. Is there another web site or how would I do that?


    Linda – There should be a specific flyer in the think program that has the number to call and get your free book. If it is not in there, I apologize. If you have purchased the Think Kit like you already have, then simply call 1 800 608 7704 ext 400 and tell them “I want my Free book. Best Wishes! Dean Graziosi

  17. Cheryl Bottjer Says:

    By Cheryl Bottjer on 9/27/2007 1:05 PM
    I live in the Port Charlotte, Florida area. Presently I have a $230,000 mortgage on a home that Zillow says is worth $160,000.00. I went to the public records yesterday and found that a Lis Pendins has been filed to start foreclosure proceedings. I live in an “ugly house” compared to what is around me. Do you think that it is realistic for me to negotiate with the lender to re-write my loan in a “short sale” type situation? I can’t imagine that the lender would be able to rent it after it is fixed up given that there are numerous brand new “pretty” houses in the same situation. Also, I think that the area in which I live is devoid of renters unless I can corner the market on assignable “short sales” that command lower rent payments. Please help me figure out a way to find investors. I am an inactive real estate agent with lots of experience and have already made a lot of money investing on properties. When the market changed, I didn’t change with it and have lost my way. I’m trying to regroup and work smarter. My husband has cancer and things took a major turn for the worst. I’ve wasted precious time, and I need a miracle. Thank you for your book. It has propelled me into action. — Cheryl

  18. Sharon Says:

    By Sharon on 9/27/2007 1:06 PM
    Hi Dean,

    I have been implementing your suggestions from the Dean’s List that I received with my book. I had a bit of a set back there for a moment–I had 3 family members pass away within 2 weeks time, but I am back in the saddle (smile). Because of my past credit history, I opted to contact investors and refer property to them and receive a finder’s fee for doing so in order to come up with the funds to purchase my first property–I never knew this was even a possibility before getting your information. I have been in touch with a couple who I will be working with. I plan to attend a tax sale in my area in October and get started that way. Because this is the 2nd sale, the starting bid on what is left is $250 and I have investigated the exact houses I plan to bid on and have an organized plan of attack (smile). It is so good to be able to go to your site and read the various comments. This is my first post and it won’t be my last…I have so much more knowledge and confidence to step out and do what I’m doing, and without your book, I would not feel as equipped as I do to jump off into this area. Thanks so much and I will keep you posted as to how things work out. I expect great things! God bless you!!


  19. Jameshia Williams Says:

    Re: Just got mt tools! By Jameshia R. Williams on 9/28/2007 10:13 PM
    Hi Dean! I dont have a real esate success story YET but I ‘m looking forward to sharing them SOON! I just received BE A REAL ESTAE MILLIONAIRE. I’m following step one by registeing. I was reading about your time brainstorming in Maui. Continue to Praise the Father and doing His will. Love you and thanks for sharing.

    Love j.

  20. Mary-Ellen Johnson Says:

    Looking forward to joining the academy soon. Be calling you soon Josh to sign up. M-E

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