Oct 24

Hey everybody, I just wanted to apologize for not getting to so many of your incredible comments recently. Things are taking off through the roof. Be A Real Estate Millionaire is the number one real estate book in America, selling thousands and thousands of copies on a weekly basis. The book, Be a Real Estate Millionaire, is helping people all over America transform the way people think about life, think about real estate, and think about making money and securing their financial future forever. It’s a very exciting time in my life. I just want to let you know that we are going through a little growing pains. One thing to realize is I still do real estate on a regular basis. I have 137 condominium complex project I’m in the pre-build phase of, and I also have a whole bunch of foreclosures that I’m buying and selling. But I also, on the other hand, have my book business. I also have my business that’s selling the information in my book to people like yourselves, and that’s just gone through the roof. So, I apologize if anyone has called up until recently, and we have a little delay in customer service. I’m very transparent to say that we grew a bit to fast. We’ve actually slowed the growth down on purpose so we could catch up. Our customer service department is hiring countless people on a daily basis, getting them trained so they could be there to help you with anything you need. We have coaches standing by to help, and as of right now, customer service should just be incredible. Also, we’ve created an online customer service department that can help you every step of the way.

Have Questions? Try Our Online Support System!

So you can just click on this link and leave a ticket, or soon even talk to someone live. Please know that we’re here for your COMPLETE satisfaction.

We get e-mails and blog posts on a daily basis where it’s changing people’s lives, and I urge you to please take action. Don’t just get this book and say you’re going to read it someday. Don’t get this book and skim through it and just read it. I want you to digest it. I want you to think about what I’ve done and what I’ve laid out for you and how you can take action with it because without action, all the information in that book is useless.

I just want to let you know that I have a lot going on but I WILL get to your posts. I apologize again that I haven’t been on top of this blog posting as much as I should have been, we’re just so crazy busy right now, but we’re getting caught up. I’ll be back on this blog nonstop very soon with killer action oriented wisdom that you can apply immediately.

Please stay updated, please search this blog for incredible new, absolute new, never before heard of, or experienced ways to make money in real estate with no money down. And it is not some old – outdated no money down techniques that you still need to borrow money or have good credit for. NO NOT AT ALL – there’s new cutting edge techniques we discovered to profit from today’s market with no money and no credit. I’m going to be sharing it on our monthly teleseminars and on this blog in the very near future. So look out for both.. We’re also getting a newsletter that’s going to go out to every single person who is a part of Be A Real Estate Millionaire that you will have within the next couple of weeks.

We are moving as fast as we can in every level possible to increase your capabilities by supplying you with information that works, not the theory, but proven strategies that work. I’m out on the front lines every day still making money in real estate while at the same time, sharing that wisdom with you. So thank you so much, thanks for the great posts, I apologize once again for any delays, or if customer service was a little backed up, which is no longer an issue. We are definitely on the road to incredible things and remember that with this market, we have a couple year window to make an insane amount of money and I hope I’m the one that can help you do it.

Take care. Dean Graziosi

Oct 05

Right now there are over 28,000 foreclosures hitting the market each week. It’s a rough time for home owners but this is prime window of opportunity for people to make to start building a fortune of wealth in the real estate market. I’m extremely busy right now working on my own projects and deals, but I will do my best to field your questions and comments to help get you moving in the right direction.

Strike while the iron is hot. Start investigating your local markets, do your due diligence, and use the tools and information in my book and look for that perfect time and properties to to make killing. There is no such thing as easy money or get rich quick, but there is easier ways of making money in this world, and quicker ways to becoming rich, and the real estate market is poised to provide those opportunities with the foreclosure supply that is going to be peaking. Buy low, sell high is the simplest principle in investing in real estate, and the foreclosure plague is making that more simple to implement than ever before.

Oct 05

How is everyone doing? I wanted to let everyone know we are doing a special promotion for my book “Be a Real Estate Millionaire”. For a limited time we are giving all buyers a special two week trial to our foreclosure report which compliments the book very nicely. You can get buy Be a Real Estate Millionaire through our website to get that offer.

The foreclosure report will give you real time insights that can be applied to the techniques used in the book. The banks, lenders and homeowners in trouble are desperate right now, and the time to start looking for those golden opportunities is upon us. You do not need to have a fortune, and in some cases not even a down payment or good credit, you just need to find the right opportunities, not the first opportunity, the right one. And one is all is takes to get you on your way to financial independence. All of these things are discussed in depth in the book and if you don’t own it there is no better time to buy it.

Oct 02

I am looking for some of students and book buyers to give some honest reviews and your stories of both triumphs and struggles to share with others. Feel free to use the comment area to submit your review. No personal information will be revealed on the website.

To those who do submit a review, thank you in advance for your time.

Also, if you have any questions going forward, feel free to submit them as comments to the posts here and I will do my best to respond with the information you require.

– Dean Graziosi

Oct 01

Dean Graziosi scam? Certainly not. If you’ve searched around you’ll notice tons of sites who work real hard to get their websites purporting negative and libelous information about Dean Graziosi, and virtually every other business in the world, to rank high in the engines.

They claim to be consumer advocate sites warning unsuspecting consumers about scams and ripoffs, but what most are is is nothing more than scammers themselves dressed in sheep’s clothing, trying fleece every legitimate business, anywhere from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are going to expose who the REAL SCAMMERS ARE!

Their entire business model revolves around creating a bunch of sites and trying to get them to rank in the search engines for the terms a customer would use to find info about a company. As a business owner, you know negative press (even online) can hurt you, so you want an opportunity to clear up any unsatisfied customers, or confusion. Happy customers equal profit and longevity for a business. A business person has every incentive to strive for making every client as happy as possible.

The problem is, generally these scam review and infomercial review sites will purposely not provide you with the customer’s information or even a way for the client to engage you so you can assist the client or provide a rebuttal.

Why “protect” a customer from getting their situation handled so they are satisfied, and everyone comes out happy? The real reason they will not provide a chance to assist or refute the claims is because usually the owner of the site made up the negative review out of thin air (which is libelous, so they don’t want sued by admitting that), or it is a competitor trying to trash you for their own personal gain (again, illegal, but is beneficial to review site owner to leverage a payoff from a honest business).

Their lucrative business model comes in play when you want to clear the air about your business, and instead of doing the ethical thing for both the business and consumer and letting them do so, they extort the company by only allowing you to do if you pay them a ridiculous sum of money and continued monthly payments.

You can see the credibility of such sites goes down the drain when they passionately trash a company and tell customer’s to avoid a company “the consumer’s safety”, but for the right price will reverse their position and tell a consumer how great you are and even sell your product on their site. Why would you, as a consumer trust such a site?

Search around the net and you will countless stories by major media outlets and local TV news channel investigators who have exposed this scheme and quality of the characters behind then and see for yourself who you should trust. This is usually nothing more than online racketeering and extortion. There are investigations pending by government agencies into some of these websites, civil complaints, and even some owners with criminal histories and pending judgments that they refuse to pay, despite court orders. Some are even hosted offshore because legitimate hosting providers do not want collude with such schemes.

Dean Graziosi is not a scammer, and his client’s are overwhelmingly satisfied, and the few who are not get dealt with prompt and exception customer service.

We will not cave to such extortion tactics and will be working through the legal and law enforcement channels regarding both civil and criminal damaging against us. We will be conducting our own investigation into the people behind these sites so you can understand why we find them hardly a credible source for judging what is and is not a scam.

We agree, not every scam review site has malicious intentions and is on the level, but those are few and far between. Also, not all companies or individuals listed on such scam review sites are innocent or have a clean past, but the net is cast out to every business in the United States to find which one’s they can hurt the most and have the deepest pockets to pay them off. You can’t believe that every person and company in business today bases their business model on fraud and continue to operate, as opposed to being in jail, as these sites would have you believe.

Remember, these sites want to believe they are there to protect you from the companies they list, but for a price they will throw the consumer under the bus by instead encouraging you to work with a company they previously told you to avoid, even if they are a really a scam! They usually peddle their own substandard products to the consumer as an alternative to the product you were looking into. Do not be fooled into their scheme and take the reviews with less than a grain of salt because they are usually made up for the purpose of bait and switch or extortion, and NEVER verified.

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