Oct 24

Hey everybody, I just wanted to apologize for not getting to so many of your incredible comments recently. Things are taking off through the roof. Be A Real Estate Millionaire is the number one real estate book in America, selling thousands and thousands of copies on a weekly basis. The book, Be a Real Estate Millionaire, is helping people all over America transform the way people think about life, think about real estate, and think about making money and securing their financial future forever. It’s a very exciting time in my life. I just want to let you know that we are going through a little growing pains. One thing to realize is I still do real estate on a regular basis. I have 137 condominium complex project I’m in the pre-build phase of, and I also have a whole bunch of foreclosures that I’m buying and selling. But I also, on the other hand, have my book business. I also have my business that’s selling the information in my book to people like yourselves, and that’s just gone through the roof. So, I apologize if anyone has called up until recently, and we have a little delay in customer service. I’m very transparent to say that we grew a bit to fast. We’ve actually slowed the growth down on purpose so we could catch up. Our customer service department is hiring countless people on a daily basis, getting them trained so they could be there to help you with anything you need. We have coaches standing by to help, and as of right now, customer service should just be incredible. Also, we’ve created an online customer service department that can help you every step of the way.

Have Questions? Try Our Online Support System!

So you can just click on this link and leave a ticket, or soon even talk to someone live. Please know that we’re here for your COMPLETE satisfaction.

We get e-mails and blog posts on a daily basis where it’s changing people’s lives, and I urge you to please take action. Don’t just get this book and say you’re going to read it someday. Don’t get this book and skim through it and just read it. I want you to digest it. I want you to think about what I’ve done and what I’ve laid out for you and how you can take action with it because without action, all the information in that book is useless.

I just want to let you know that I have a lot going on but I WILL get to your posts. I apologize again that I haven’t been on top of this blog posting as much as I should have been, we’re just so crazy busy right now, but we’re getting caught up. I’ll be back on this blog nonstop very soon with killer action oriented wisdom that you can apply immediately.

Please stay updated, please search this blog for incredible new, absolute new, never before heard of, or experienced ways to make money in real estate with no money down. And it is not some old – outdated no money down techniques that you still need to borrow money or have good credit for. NO NOT AT ALL – there’s new cutting edge techniques we discovered to profit from today’s market with no money and no credit. I’m going to be sharing it on our monthly teleseminars and on this blog in the very near future. So look out for both.. We’re also getting a newsletter that’s going to go out to every single person who is a part of Be A Real Estate Millionaire that you will have within the next couple of weeks.

We are moving as fast as we can in every level possible to increase your capabilities by supplying you with information that works, not the theory, but proven strategies that work. I’m out on the front lines every day still making money in real estate while at the same time, sharing that wisdom with you. So thank you so much, thanks for the great posts, I apologize once again for any delays, or if customer service was a little backed up, which is no longer an issue. We are definitely on the road to incredible things and remember that with this market, we have a couple year window to make an insane amount of money and I hope I’m the one that can help you do it.

Take care. Dean Graziosi

3 Responses to “Be a Real Estate Millionaire Update For All”

  1. john Says:

    ohhh my .. my first commission in selling house is still so small .. but im hoping to be this rich as to be a millionaire in this business .. ill take an exam soon .. hope to be a realtor too ..

  2. Ray Henning Says:

    Hi Dean,

    Hello!!! I will make this short but able to convey my situation adequately. I recently returned from deployment in Iraq and as a consequence of deploying, I lost my job. All I have is part time work as a US Army Reserve’s officer. I have been unable to find any work so far in the Tacoma WA area in the last 3+ months.

    My question is, is it possible to buy real estate without full time employment? I have about $150K in liquid assets i.e. savings, money market accounts, stocks, etc.

    Please advise me about the best course of action from this point. I really want to become involved in real estate because I truly believe in helping others and giving back. I also think being involved in real estate is the best way to financial independence for the average person who puts forth the efforts and patience.

    Thank You for your time and advise. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!!




    First of all, thank you for defending our country. You and your fellow service men and women are the true heroes.

    With no current employment you need to make sure that that $150k you have saved up is as secure as it can be while at the same time it starts making you money. Yes you can invest and make money in real estate without being employed.

    I would say to start with my Automated Foreclosure Finder. It is located at http://www.automatedforeclosurefinder.com you can try it out for 14 days for just a $1. – -go get it. If you like what you see, keep it and if not, let us know and you won’t be charged anything else. I set it up that way so people can take a test drive.

    That program is the perfect program to start helping you find killer deals in you area automatically and inexpensively. Then you can decide to buy a great deal that comes along by leveraging the money you have in the bank or pass the deal off to another buyer for a profit in the middle.

    PLEASE make sure to use the proper calculations in my book or program to make sure anything you buy pays for itself or cash-flows if you are planning on renting it. Yes the market is down. BUT when you look at enough deals there are opportunities to buy at such a discount that there is still a ton of money to be made. Just be patient, follow what has already worked for me and others and then go for it.

    Please feel free to email us or post any other questions.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours
    Dean Graziosi

  3. cameron Says:

    Hey Dean,

    First of all I want to thank you, Dean, for writing such a trmendous book. I am 18 years old, still a serior in high school and over the past few years have developed an interest in real estate. I got your book about a week ago and read it in one sitting. I really couldn’t put it down. Afterwards I called my parents and told them that I wanted to order the whole course and am very excited to read that.
    Over the past year or so I’ve heard my dad and my uncle talking about getting into real estate. My unlce has a roofing company that does very well, in fact i think he;s a millionaire now, but has a ton of headaches and his marriage has been affected by him haveing no time to spend with his family. My dad is a genereal contactor and knows how to do just about any fix up as from plumbing and electrical work so I think they would be a good team.
    My goal is to learn as much as a can form now until school ends. I’m so excited by the confidence that you have given me that I want to start in on real estate as soon as school is finished. My goal is to acquire some sort of real estate over the summer. Whether it be through foreclosures, REO’s or something else. Then to rent them out, if that is the best option.
    I know now this is a reality contrary to what anyone tells me, but I wouldn’t have had a not read your book. So, I would like to personally thank you again for your book and if all goes as expected I will let you know and wish to seak advice for the future. Thanks again. Cameron.

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