May 07

Hello All,

“Fake it until you make it.” That phrase sounds like it came right out of Hollywood. It means to have the mindset that you “fake” being a star until you become one.

Actually, fake it till you make it is a spin off of the expression “Act as if” coined by Professor William James of Harvard. He proposed that by “acting as if something is true” will create the natural behavior you want, and the mind will produce the desired result.

In other words, belief has a measurable impact on creating the reality we want.

Many students who write in or leave posts on my blog are very eager to change their lives, and that is awesome. Change starts by making a conscience decision to do so. But many get bogged down in self doubt or fear…or even worse, they let someone else talk them out of their desires.

That’s a tragedy. Don’t let that happen to you! Look, maybe you don’t feel sure or safe about what you want to do in real estate. It’s okay! Most people experience uncertainty all the time, they just don;t admit it. Move towards your goals, share your questions and your own skills, and maybe just “fake it until you make it” (Or in better terms, do some practice runs).

Take an area of what I teach that you like the best or feel most comfortable with and do a practice deal as far as you can take it. Don’t make an uneducated judgment that no-money down deals don’t work, or locking up a deal and assigning it to another person is hard. Use my strategies and go do one. Do one with all the freedom and confidence in the world because you know it is just practice.

Listen to my monthly conference calls, past and future, read my book again, work with one of our coaches, get inspiration and ideas from the forum at or watch my new “Dean’s Deal of the Month” video series at Or whatever it takes to get inspired, gain some wisdom and get out there and get in the game.

I love the Wayne Gretsky quote; “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So, get out there and practice. The one thing practicing can do, is allow you to put the principles I share with you into action and gain the three most important things you need to be successful. Confidence, capabilities and direction. I can supply the capabilities and the direction but you need to get out there and practice until you have the confidence to pull the trigger on your first deal.

So set a goal for yourself. Maybe it is that within 45 days from today you are going to find at least 5 pre-foreclosures, foreclosures or REO’s in your area and make an offer on each. You are going to speak with the right people, or get the marbles out of your mouth so you gain confidence to speak with them… And do your best to get at least one of those offers accepted.

Then you can decide if your practice run needs to be extended or if you have gained the confidence to make that a first deal. Either way there is no down side. So why wouldn’t you do it? And if you find a great enough deal, but you don’t want to do it post it on and someone else may want to! ;-

Have a wonderful day.
Dean Graziosi

7 Responses to “Fake It Until You Make It!”

  1. DeNiecy8 Says:


    That was a great version of Romans 4:17

    “Call those things which are not

    as though they were”


  2. Debra Evans Says:


    Thank you so much for being such a great spirit, I have never had a blind encouragement until I met you. You are my blind encouragement. I thank you for your wisdom and knowledge, and what ever I decide to do in life rather it be real estate or something else like you said, I am going to “fake it until I can make it”. Again, thank you so much for being a god sent “Angel”.

  3. Jay Says:


    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am still learning to be a real estate investor and have all the confidence in the world to succeed especially with you and other experienced investors on this site who are willing to help new investors. You are truly a blind encouragement for me. Thanks.

  4. Ekay Says:

    Absolutely, you’re right. Success all begins with our mind. It is as simple as changing the way we think and perceive things. Once we decide that we want to do it, the rest is actually carrying out the task to achieve success.

    I find the book very inspiring.

  5. Johnnie Gordon Says:

    Thank you for the article. I have just completed part one of the book. This article is so uplifting as a reinforcer to continue on. As a matter fact, I’ve begun to ride around looking for properties just to practice. I’ll have my first property by the end of June if not before. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Roberta Hester Says:

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your en couraging words. I also have read your book becoming a real estate Millionaire. My fear was so strong that I did’nt realize that it was holding me back. I thank you again for gaining confidence every day. (I walk by faith and not by sight).

  7. Lloyd Says:

    Great article! “Fake it until you make it” I’m taking your advise and making it happen. I’ve always wanted to be a real estate investor but i was afraid of failure. Ever since i’ve ordered and read your book, i’ve gained knowledge and confidence to make my dream become a reality. Now, i’m out there talking to banker, realtor, attorneys and actually made offers on houses. In a matter of days or weeks, i will get deal close.

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