Jun 30

Power lines, mold, radon, and notorious asbestos are just a few examples of the many unhealthy environmental items or conditions that homebuyers and investors may not recognize. But what you don’t know can hurt you when it comes to hidden environmental hazards. So be sure to perform due diligence before unwittingly investing in problems that could have an adverse impact your potential profits – and your precious health.


Here is one rather interesting example, shared with us by someone who bought an antique house in a rather popular historical district. The home was circa 1920, and had wonderfully original plaster walls. But the home also had conspicuous asbestos insulation on the heating pipes that connected the furnace to the rest of the house. The ceiling of the basement was a maze of steel pipes wrapped in asbestos – which looks much like the white plaster casts that are used by doctors to set broken bones. The homebuyer was knowledgeable enough to spot the asbestos immediately, and intelligently required that it be removed as a stipulation of the sales contract. To make sure that the job was complete – and did not leave asbestos fibers lingering in the atmosphere – the buyer hired an environmental inspector to do a final report before closing on the property.

In a curious twist of fate, the inspector the homebuyer hired to check for asbestos gave the basement a clean bill of health. He found no lingering fibers and was totally satisfied with the method and extent of the removal of the asbestos that had lined the heating pipes. But as he was admiring the home – and commenting on its exquisite architectural details and vintage style – he flipped open a pocketknife to slice off a piece of wall plaster. Taking his small sample from an inconspicuous place inside a closet so that doing so would not detract from the beauty of the home, he requested a cigarette lighter. Then he set fire to the sample, which burned but left fibers behind that refused to ignite.

“You do, however, have asbestos throughout the entire rest of the house,” he announced. “In the old days they sometimes used it to add asbestos to wall plaster to reinforce the structural integrity of it, and if this was not asbestos it would have burned to ash. Of course I will test it for you to validate my opinion and put everything in my written report. But I have enough experience to tell you right now that the home you are thinking of buying – while a beautiful work of architecture – is made of asbestos plaster.”


As this interesting story confirms, the insight of environmental inspectors can be a real boon for investors. Radon gas can leak mysteriously into the home from deep within the earth. Mold can be ordinary household mildew, or it can be a deadly strain of black mold – an airborne disaster waiting to happen if you breathe it into your lungs. Pressure treated wood may contain toxic levels of arsenic, and mobile homes may represent unhealthy encapsulated formaldehyde built into the walls. The electrical force field surrounding a power line can radiate outward and such powerful sources of energy have been linked to brain damage and other ailments. Curling paint can indicate that it is peeling because the house needs a fresh coat where the sun has been beating down on it – or it can be a sign that the undercoating is composed of toxic lead-based paint.


The price of an environmental inspection report – which will vary but often averages around $300 – can be money well spent in this day and age of increasing awareness and liability related to environmental hazards. Unlike conventional or general inspectors, these pros are specially trained as environmental detectives who have the high-tech equipment and the old-fashioned know-how to ferret out anything environmentally dangerous that might be in and around a home.

Always trust your instincts when you view a potential investment property. But beyond that, also learn to rely upon trustworthy experts like environmental inspectors who can protect your financial investment while also protecting the health and well being of you and your family. To locate inspectors in your area, check the yellow pages or ask a Realtor for a recommendation. Environmental inspectors should be properly credentialed – so only hire those with proper licenses, current certifications, and a proven track record of integrity and expertise.


Then relax and pat yourself on the back. You’ve done the smart, responsible thing. Let the experts perform the potential environmental hazard fact-finding mission on your behalf, to enhance your real estate success and keep you informed. After all, information is power for those real estate investors “in the know”. And the more you know and learn, the easier you will make money in this great business.

Jun 23

Buying ugly ducklings can be a “pretty beautiful” investment strategy if you follow a few basic guidelines. Learn why those dilapidated properties may offer upscale returns on your real estate investment, especially if you spruce them up.


Whether you acquire a house for rental income, as a primary residence, or as a second or vacation home, the strategy of buying the “worst house on the block” may be a rewarding one to follow.


When appraisers determine the market value of a home, they do so by comparing it to other similar houses in the same general location. By comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of comparable homes, they generate reports commonly referred to in real estate circles as “comps”. Because comps are an attempt to average out the value of homes, they generate a price range that runs from low to medium to high. Buyers and sellers study the comps to figure out how much to offer or ask for a house, and that helps to define the going rates for homes at any given time and in any given market.


But, for example, if you own a mansion – that has had all kinds of expensive upgrades – in a neighborhood of mediocre homes, chances are that buyers will not offer you what the house is worth or what you’ve put into it. They would rather spend the same amount of money and buy into a more prestigious neighborhood lined with similar looking mansions and luxury homes. Similarly, if you own a broken down shack surrounded by mansions, the odds are in your favor that the value of your property will rise, because people usually pay more to be in fancier neighborhoods. Your less desirable home may represent the only affordable opportunity to gain entrance to an otherwise pricey and exclusive neighborhood, so you can charge a premium for that perk.


Among investors it is often said that you should not buy the best house on the block, because they have the least amount of room for upward price appreciation. In fact, the houses that are the “best” will normally see their values dragged down by less desirable properties in the vicinity. Buy an ugly home in a pretty neighborhood and the market physics works the opposite way, however, to lift your values higher. When you buy the least expensive and “worst” home on the street, you have much more room for your value to rise before it hits a ceiling or plateau. In essence you are capturing built-in equity by buying ugly.


If you fix up that kind of property, you can add substantial equity to it while you also gain the respect and admiration of other homeowners in the area. We all appreciate it when a neighbor spruces up their place to add value and beauty to our street, and making good neighbors is one of the most important aspects of real estate investment success.

Jun 16

Hey everybody. Dean here. Today I’m not going to write about teaching, or tell you any of the neat stuff that’s going on with my daughter or anything personal. Today I just want to know how many of you would be interested in going on a vacation of a lifetime to the Caribbean.

Better yet. Would you like it if I PAID to send you and a guest on that vacation of a lifetime?

And what if during that vacation, we picked a day for you and I to hang out together for dinner or lunch, to talk about investing?

Then, what if after we met, I decided to partner up with you on some investments? Deals where I put up the cash and you find the properties and we enjoy the profits together?

See all the details about the contest at  http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/5547

Then visit the Dean Graziosi Contest Site

Jun 10

Hiring a professional management company may be worth the price you pay because it provides a strategic buffer between you and your tenants.


Managing rental or lease property can be exciting and fun, because it is one of those aspects of the real estate business that draws upon a variety of different skills, talents, and areas of interest. For instance, you might wake up in the morning with a project to choose paint for the living room, then have to meet with the landscapers before lunch and grab a quick sandwich before making rental income deposits.


But as the old Swedish proverb says “the morning never knows what the afternoon has in store”. On any given day, you could have a host of errands to do – or emergency calamities to solve so that your tenants are safe and comfortable in their homes. Plumbing problems refuse to respect our vacation time, broken heating and air conditioning units can demand immediate attention, and something like a kitchen fire, break-in, or vandalism can suddenly take center stage in your otherwise organized and peaceful life.


For a fee – about 5 to 10 percent of your gross rental income in most cases – you can delegate your landlord responsibilities to a professional management company. The downside of hiring a manager – besides the fees involved – is that management companies usually handle multiple properties, so yours may not get the kind of personal attention it might if you take a more hands-on approach. The upside, however, is that you have more free time to spend with your business, your family and friends, or – if you like – still continuing to manage the aspects of your property that fall outside the job description of your management firm. Just because you hire professional management, in other words, it does not mean that you have to stop being involved. You can add a management company to handle some aspects of the landlord to-do list, for example, and do the others that you especially enjoy yourself. Then can collect rents, screen applicants, manage building contractors, and even market and show your units when they are vacant and need to be filled.


Some landlords hire responsible and reliable tenants to handle chores like dragging the trashcans to the curb on trash day or clearing snow from the walkways in winter. You can usually do this in exchange for reduced rent. If, for instance, someone leasing one of your apartment units is a police officer, they might be interested in providing part-time security in exchange for lower monthly payments.


If you decide to hire a pro, you will want to check their background, references, and track record. One way to do this is to talk to tenants at other properties they manage. A satisfied tenant is, after all, one of the primary goals of being a responsible landlord. You can also find credentialed professionals through the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) which is part of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). They offer training courses and award special designations to those who prove their expertise through a combination of academic study and real world experience. To apply for those credentials – which include Certified Resident Manager (CRM) and Certified Real Estate Manager (CREM), members of these organizations have to first be first have a valid real estate license.


You can also take advantage of educational courses yourself – and earn your own designations – through organizations such as the National Apartment Association and the Building Owners and Managers Institute International (BOMI). Within your own area there may be similar courses offered at a community college, and you may find distance learning opportunities through colleges and schools that offer coursework conveniently via the Internet.

Jun 09

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the real estate investing forums at our official REI community for Dean Graziosi students and other investors alike, you must check it out. They are now bursting with information and specific knowledge from basic to advanced topics, contributed from up and coming investors to old pros.

The information to enhance your real estate investing education is there, you just need to explore. Fortunately, we have a very good search function built into the site. So if you are hung up on anything, all you need to is search for your topic. Continue reading »

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