May 05

Real estate entrepreneur Dean Graziosi started out young—very young.  As a young teen, he turned his first deal and hasn’t looked back, and he wants everyone to know that they shouldn’t either.  Everything that was possible in the past is still entirely possible; in fact, it can be better.  The atmosphere for taking advantage of distressed properties is in full bloom.  Any smart investor knows that when that’s the case in any business situation, the potential for newcomers into the industry is ripe.
In the 90’s, it was hard for new investors to get a hold of good property and make real money.  It was done, and could be done, but if they didn’t have a lot of capital, they had to be two things—lucky and smart.  In today’s market, those requirements have been cut in half—now you just have to be smart.
The key to good real estate investment is the same as it is in any investment plan—know your product, know the proper methods, and know how to make them work for you.  That has always been the answer to making money work for you and it is still the way to make your money work for you.
Whether your desire is to retire early, or you love to work but want to work smart, learning how to make your dollars do the work is the smart way to go.  Of course, you do not have to understand loan modifications, short sales or the way to make foreclosures put money in your pocket to be involved in real estate, but if you want to be involved in successful real estate, it sure helps.
Once you have made the decision to use your money for smart investing, learn how the master works.  Find out why following those same principles helped make him millions and apply them to your own real estate investments; pretty soon you’ll be working smarter—not harder.

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