Jul 28

Trees are wonderful for the environment and are a gorgeous, long-lasting addition to any landscaping. Each tree does wonders to clear the air and is one of the best forms of carbon offsetting. However, depending on the type of tree, they can have other advantages as well. Aside from being great for the environment, they can also be great for your investment.

In sprucing up an investment property, most types of trees will not help with the curb appeal or resale price merely because they have not had time to mature. There are some types of trees, however, that grow fast and can be purchased at a decent price at very attractive sizes. Pines and firs are very hardy and take little maintenance and are easy to find in fully-foliaged 6’ sizes at most nurseries. These trees have the added bonus of being non-deciduous so they offer curb appeal, privacy and wind breaks year-round.

There are few things more enjoyable in hot climates than a quality shade tree. Some of the most appreciated trees are ones that do not shed much foliage during the warm months, so they can be used as picnic spots or outdoor reading areas. Larger shade trees are great gathering places, while smaller shade trees are excellent centerpieces to a shade garden. Shade gardens add a special touch, especially when planted under shade trees in otherwise open, sunny areas that would not be good places for particular varieties of flowers and foliage.

Of all the forms of landscaping, trees do require more time to mature and really be an asset in investments. They can also be one of the best kinds of long-term investment for your home. If you’re in the business of flipping houses as quickly as possible, trees will not be a good choice for you. But, given several years, that tree which may have only cost $20 and an hour or two of your time can add hundreds of dollars to the value of your property.

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  1. Stacey Feitz Says:

    I am in the process of reading your book entitled “Be A Real Estate Millionaire” Very good read and I like how you explain everything so beginners like me can understans what you are talking about! I agree with your idea with the trees. Not only does it add beauty and shade but it adds to the saleability of the home! I like to plant flowers too!

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