Sep 28

Close to two million buyers have taken advantage of the 2009 first time homebuyer tax credit.  Realtors estimate that more than 350,000 sales have been created by the initiative.  As a result, real estate agents are pressuring Congress to extend the 2009 tax credit and to expand the program to apply to all homebuyers, not just first homebuyers.


“To ensure that housing has a broad stimulus to the overall economy and stays on sound footing, we are encouraging Congress to extend the tax credit to 2010, and to expand it to all buyers of primary residences.  The faster we stabilize home prices, the fewer families will face foreclosure and the quicker credit can be extended to other sectors of the economy,” said Charles McMillan, a broker with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Dallas, Fort Worth.  “With a gradual absorption of inventory, we are on the cusp of a general stabilization in home prices.”


In addition to the association’s pending home sales index and home sold index, the realtors also maintain a relatively new index entitled the Housing Affordability Index.  In July, the Affordability Index stood at 158.5, less than in April, but still very comfortable.  The Housing Affordability Index is a broad measure of housing affordability using consistent values and assumptions over time including mortgage interest rates, home prices and family income.


The time for real estate investment is unparalleled in terms of opportunity.  Interest rates are low, prices are still down and an upturn is on the horizon.  Additionally, many sellers are institutional.  Troubled lenders are receptive listeners.  They would rather sell low than own vacant property. 


Today’s real estate agents are well versed in distressed and short sales, where terrific investment potential can be realized.  Unlike most real estate markets, the current climate is conducive to quick turnarounds.  With anxious institutional owners who have funds to lend, the time has never been better to buy low and sell high.  From the investment standpoint, that is what it is all about.  Let your agent know you are in the market and on the ball.[email protected] a ncoet tMsh aiOrnPeedreC[email protected] cmtim[email protected] untsioenrnl unMhPhgePDdeiltir[email protected] nrri[email protected] sD emc[email protected] Dlo lcsi ehneittePee[email protected] nemhroiP Ene[email protected] eFn dremnPeti[email protected] nmt[email protected] oee innhiPr[email protected] bimerrhePM ih[email protected] esn PF uAnCh[email protected] etemotIcnnehia Ptrrnn[email protected] rhnnce[email protected] PoIsndeSasn i llrC eeml ephte[email protected] nl[email protected] 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