Oct 29

WOW! There were so many thousands of people trying to get through to grab our new interview series that we blew up the Internet!

Well, okay… not the ENTIRE Internet, but definitely the little corner of it where our website is located.

So, I scrambled my team, got my programming wiz
to make some adjustments, pull some strings and push some buttons to fix things.

In short, they came up with a solution and the
site is open again, and I’m extending the time tonight for another hour.

If you had trouble getting through to grab your
subscription to the new Empowering Conversations interview series, you can try again now.

We have extended the deadline by two hours and if you order tonight we will guarantee you a free book for your troubles!

Go here to grab yours now:

Again, because of the mishap, I’m going to allow you to still claim all the bonus gifts, including a copy of my new, not yet released book.

I am sorry if you were one of the people that experienced problems but things are resolved now.

Again, I’m going to bite the bullet here because of the crash, so if you go and place your order now, I promise to still send you a copy of my new book.

Grab yours now at this special link:

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 1.800.315.7782

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