Oct 29

Last night’s call was better than I expected.

On the other hand, we had some unexpected problems too.

If you missed the call, or the replay, pay close

I introduced a new video interview series and for two hours after the call, I allowed those who listened in the chance to grab it at a smokin’ deal!

Well, the site got hit like a hurricane, a literal tsunami of mouse clicks!

And it couldn’t handle the pressure…

KaaBLAM! Down it went.

Some folks got through while others got frustrated.

My team worked into the night and fixed things, and I’m serious when I say that you better go take a look now…don’t put this off till later today, it may prove to be your downfall if you wait.

Here’s what I mean.

Last night there were 4212 people registered
for the call but only 1500 available lines.

I know at least 2000 people listened through their computer, and when I gave out the website, it was a virtual stampede to grab my special offer.

Hence…the website crashed.

Today this email is going out to a total of 136,021 people so I’ve decided to offer 1000 more of you a FREE copy of my NEW UNRELEASED book, and when those are gone,(or at Midnight tonight) this offer will not be available anymore.


So I wouldn’t wait. I will be just like when I released the EDGE kit, people that waited unfortunately got a sold out page!

If you’re reading this and you’re truly wanting to succeed as an investor, then get serious about getting the info you need to start creating wealth in real estate.

Here’s your chance to easy to use, easy to afford help from me… and other committed investors.

You raised your hand and became part of our list and if you’re ready to pounce…here is the link that will be live at 6:00 AM Eastern Time.


And if you’re concerned about the price…

Here’s the deal – skip one meal with the family at McDonald’s this month and you’ve just found the coins to afford this tool!

Pretty sweet eh?

Now if you have a dozen kids, the McDonalds comparison might not apply, but the point is
this is affordable to everyone – if you act fast…

This morning at 6 AM, the doors open.

Remember, there’s a VERY LIMITED number of these.

If you even want a CHANCE to consider getting in, you NEED to take action quickly…


Good Luck!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 1.800.315.7782

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