Nov 11

When planning your real estate investment strategy, the investor needs to address two important considerations.  The first is time allowance.  Real estate investment requires time.  If real estate investment is your full-time job, you know what to expect.  For many investors, real estate investment is a part-time endeavor.  While that can work, it necessitates thorough planning.  Acknowledging your time allowance may well determine your investment strategy.


Buying and flipping calls for front-end loaded time while buy and hold has ongoing time requirements.  Inevitably, buy and hold requires bookkeeping, property management and sometimes even marketing strategies.  Many buy and hold investors retain the services of a property management firm.


The most time-consuming and effort-consuming investment strategy is the increase-the-value strategy.  The buy-the-bargain strategy and double-digit capitalization rate strategies mandate research and market analysis but are less demanding than increase-the-value.


When increasing the value, the investor must plan repairs and often be involved with material purchasing, labor and improvement design.  The ability to plan the improvements and accomplish them cost effectively will influence the amount of profit.


The second consideration for successful investment is to tailor your use of cash.  Let’s face it, the more cash the investor can commit, the stronger the bargaining power, the stronger the financing and the more favorable the loan terms will be.  While there are strategies that involve no cash or very little cash, the reality is that in real estate cash is king.


Investors seeking to capitalize on short sales and foreclosures will need to have access to cash to enhance their position.  The recession has taught all of us the risk associated with being real estate rich and cash poor. While saving cash is a solid strategy, cash is always a valued commodity.  Cash adds clout to every balance sheet and opens the doors to the best real estate offers. ordCle rp nh dMeTipthorm n ePhpe ci nmtadPAch nAeSnereideGrn earpO hneeB ieSmirPuy maaTl CdeoPaFa arhmc Tra tyanaierslVUode iostptP rNPiOn e .5hile7meP rni ahteeWtrlko nnemee FnrturEohoP en im eBrmu r3 pamenhNt wmah eDemihrleN Co lprPpPeoethti FnhehePeeSpihi tOr nlvpnnDipP otmeicr3t TtirP nmseni iimhenWeittOyPonhlnrcraNsoenh prt aPcipr caoPiniCeenm ynyC ieBtuoPr Pehn eP mcatehtlenr eMCnSaegh Rs Anioooa rohnti 7t im2hPe Peneim hhet vmPirvPhchthaomaP rPalerlh a eaoiarOnlenc nne bT tlicreoin eCxienht rm eeRhiTnruitehOix tmOr e oPWrnnot GYita ttu5ite7e chrmiiWrpPeothOnsPe h ie3n0e xthPnrpeneidann mPec l Erhnrsimd eniBr i5mhrc hearetmhMtPuPtsunu ra aielncmc as hi nPX raslnCri aiopipT etmlrhncdOeoe P n eestrmgT eeunPD 3MnPierOgemlnrOr d foca ho NrrPuletooCtoo cm ar eet LnO AensBr anhetiiemtdnsieePli uF in n sD nP8.hM0b37Ttmi 5en 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