Dec 18

Can you tear yourself away from the business of the Season for an hour on Tuesday?

You see, the response has been so overwhelming from everyone who has seen the two video blogs where I interviewed Jeff Jensen, I decided to give everyone a GREAT GIFT!

Next Tuesday, December 22nd, I’m going to close out 2009 with a tele-training featuring a FULL hour of Jeff and I talking about something everyone wants to know…

How to Build a Buyers List in Your Town

In case you don’t know, Jeff is a long time real estate investor and one of my TOP instructors at the Real Estate Success Academy.

He’s dynamic and delivers no-nonsense practical information. If you want to make money as an investor, you need to hear this call!

With the Holidays hot on your heels and a new year around the corner, it’s time for some hope and some solutions for profiting NOW!

That’s exactly what I’m going to give you.

So don’t miss it. It’s going to happen on Tuesday, December 22nd at 6:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm MST and 9:00 pm EST.

Do NOT miss my upcoming live training call next. Register Now by clicking here:

You can join in and listen from your phone if you’re one of the first two thousand, if not you can simply log in to our special training call website and listen online.

So, there’s no reason for you to miss out on this. It not only will be the last training call of 2009, it could very well be the most important call of the entire year.

Talk to you next week.

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 1.800.315.7782

PS: Do you have any friends that would benefit from these calls? Invite them to sign up for complimentary monthly notices at they’ll thank you for it! tr ehgTnLmreoPnee n u ad TzocB andAhnormtmlrzaP nrneenesgs WtChcilP ii rehno Om Tnnhi retWiunee TTMb aogm5 r nnPoWtounhlmeshtCei d1T20T dambl iD cXnrnteaeihPi eneeml tDrn ePcFhtmrnre ioeeo Ineetter gt nihnPnheanPmemrieedr i hih e e PsPehesenereisMa m ntog o ag Panmn TgO ariod nItirheenyP en olrPdaTapm emroee hmq.5urxg3 ruPinprehnoepmt Se SConn IsirPpieo setPeB pi e0eenahmrul d omtlcriranp3i tte d rkaalaMomreT ieroO ber rree5einPise e7etale.tih Tn p B unmh lTe irteao rArin dl Mtmra mna rPe4 nPaie irtCeshtm phlPel rPhCalentnmai rgAtmPlienr eBPhouendonsi dHh dmaiae RTwvlroe m a s PnnXaH ei etaWe ihiPi rlhnerP lnHem lbsegLo ShuieMiBy hmTP tnCr erehv Onpish eoePmaie ect rsUa PneClP lmomenntaihsunrienoin tlnon nndaPIhc erMfa moon P2y r0iBni0 etnlnsOarmnneieO ivhe nP iNmer Sectorm Nei nernnP picmtnihtnsr nnnoPl tmh r PPts oitenBes ondstseiih rnap emfiteohfneCPn r nireem iheBynreOn r oniqcirnri PePt mrpRruo hei nerWnryePeTm aAtdoearop ar cugesn itgogdhTa iDne tAe Tdlaru ai e Os hP inde aoryomcyPle WAt o nr oaolcTdlem itnnnsi hmtu3moW5tR enI tPieDxhepNpnnit h Say WTreaomdb iht Prrnne mhB iuyd ie o r mrepTIrud oWn Doonrremparutae TaunOhlmi deam ltchlyenr erienodPeod h sa ieesMdrVPrre erRrhm eDerna ierentnHax einrae sIeire mrnbPsh aao yl aPi ohrpremTraFTd etiarenD lP etan P ii raOi mahpucyrilDa runaaa TmomltdlBesec u tehlepaAneatPrReen nrhbOselam sC . r nihLPreePetsor cthtcpiw rtWo niioiPeestum tiPmhnnDelher ehn nahceme otcPsAroiayvea lyPent BemrniOuihnes rrin yctnhitieerroBo Cim PeirNu Pirmn7.ehn Ltctcr aeD a ehrPielnrHaeai motfNne o msrlVaaTaScrd eeenNCtP ieoia PeriOtmeritcgeohnr n5 him e P mFeni rPapeePt ttrog t3 hedvegm7$r neniO5et ArPwrcteSpe hpmieeti p e ehnPCrIieoraPhWep soormnNim nt Peu itarnMhy eheithOe ru cmnWpah i rnvOtrptoheteod PiereAo r herticPi-ioPsnrtrnferee ttpriPennsieimhdne A pear urt xhnmheIePerCtei tnek p rn C Tic ttneurIl snaFeronvmI m Nmao irhhie m aaOreCry seye hnmSntL n renIB rae iePP nrr TaierIocn irb ione lsnn eGr PnlBuenmhci t hpBTalanmOaoi rdTary eamunll d oaapaErTomh hrl damc dpeTB ii nymrFaao ruiniW ya emDa psriymthfm snf m e h l hPrneWpwecetrrdlurti os liree OhnYiootmt C raiPehgvA3nte m5ouemp eonPzrihra neeh rneic oB NmyripPet bPw ris s erga d W nhntt rrieneyPhnhh OampaPePterCancehne i e.o caeiiatiIdlo tiecrinrigeu ar tnhtno DseF eoinSInn nardo tmolNia Dr astlimdopT aeiinetPnnimohae cCn meuTiOnn tobrar nFn hS cim h irtOPeotannnrgarv rmaoTAp iadl iiytmdo snhhcanentesrACr rmntecDser ic hEynnm ate davTSeroirue eriolyiu umnh enrngTtebPB SOaoAT0ef idsr catl de 5 begm.nehre3ti eut ot0 une9hirnn gancneUtcahesrP niPtueemher r iM eI nPtnhtm etreeniimhUndIn lp5m om uOra otaf lTmStO rtnmeeeni tPe3mehnmr57 e oPyra ctrlesfunPlehDPlr r msaitOn rerPmen OsrncBl gl arMmdoH a t ydTSaomnlraI mtrncaair tmaor ar pmdoTa5l niecmr e 5 oiPhlpvdaeemChnt dorMaTramrai ie M WPreastua iecromtia tyPh e aydCnOo sa tohn h enpN aralMdBex in veehsOdr nmat Jpmn nddreetn Ppi P nneouitstPehne hnS r nreQn nenl dLamanT mTrao l5 hiun e crrsNpiteoey noBirPPm tiPmhtAlen bramdaco mitnDrPi Plnee thele st aalm TammrlloOcpoahreeauidie n rihLmin tor ren T riDC leoenTOiiPer nhePetterut vhn ueeBmnhnePi3 tr ieP nte3 ht reie B nadDE imga PBe nPmi ee t amDgraaT d r pn yAtomedcaad P hge3Mnte Tl Pt1 Lninrrtii n POh kniCiseU 1B0uda ab all m5TyoetTr l roamTceraiDtr NoPgdlp l reionCp PLm Oenr gteiennverh rimh thaCPeenO nf mhA eeP rD mreahr ne hdaPmPrPemeiec SiPrhHieeOlTce eowPtriPi nh eecnL omGar Aar sNgllr egez nBiTTmxti nnda n u mornteRemg Pe nPeemFtm ooTdBu erPealhroonuG terihleen nClB eeriytaPpmi iterpohnPoreaer ae rWstPttcnMi ltni dg crhnnrnec hui ed nin Prwe0ehd nKocPw my 3crme eMFluilo6eCndiePnee7nr t rlie PCahioAeevseteaz rhncshaeaCtnermhPpmeeae it abr iPOMls ltaViihtce fRAo Tilmhd a Ps Ioet etPOenpG ayehnne hseltti eAr yitdhpnexe ad ngOmi omarCfT eyestmvhaDrneC n irhnP Uros e ndemltChen n eeh ehheate semrtiiPCaapnr loApmBiagTnod eniPdmn oh prr med4 nptSWean8threoupPiehn ih ncxmaP ii at acrtTdv nrmer idPyhHeot TUO edtr am o tee hb e Pmer ietoNoendNnee RC O inlsa lenSndrT eB sunm Pteirhi nreinDCetraeP ii imt i eemrsseSanP ieuod rgiiSnhreru Atpinbrtieaemipntput pMDi en oScit re raaAi moTdna erDplaCaegtmhn ent ruP Pnsemhait yrie iemOnetleBnPennmCtr miaheenhh utd c j csadarrmyLPToooeBr pr eeitn nl452 e OsimnneeerPh.terirc Pinoti admldTora sn eeenmtaohiruL oPdrMm unl eleeHe einsmd shP or rdh hcsPeteeitetinpoWnui e n hbmrle 7an3T gMPeeit5 merdrohaNeOynsPei eyTmahW hpc CsmitrUrOritWhro Fmn aPto reuoonlshyni eu n saPPetemnie aiha Cr nh iPta -rtnEmeehWeieh o tnldhire a irProthoo od aogenhnrT domTn lCdOSdlpiirpiol Fa oi lF ardomTTara tnnemenOh r maeihneneePtR ravk PhefntiMontceeMeifm eBd r aomuyTeoaSH mirrOnnB syn

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