Jan 26

If you were kind enough to give Dean your
feedback on his new show last weekend, we TRULY appreciate it.

Dean just posted a new video blog for the week and he has a lot to share with you in it.

But one thing is VERY important. Dean wants you to tell him how we should put together our next live event.

Yes… we are doing another this year.

Yeah we have most of it planned. And even though last years was incredible with countless success stories to prove it, Dean told us he wants it even more powerful.

So all of us here at Dean Enterprises took on the challenge to meet his wishes and give you the experience of a lifetime while at the same time getting the information that can get you making money, Right Now.

We plan to hold our second ever, 2 day, live training sometime this spring and you have a BIG say in what we do there.

You’ve probably been to seminars at some point in your life, but I bet you’ve never got to custom design one!

So when we got to a few parts of the planning that we were unsure of we decided, why not ask you…

Check out the latest video blog and you’ll see how you can help, plus get another great update from Dean.

Oh yeah… it’s completely anonymous, so don’t hold back!

Go check it out right now 😉


Here’s to having a great week!

Call Dean’s success academy any time at 1.800.315.7782

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