Apr 05

This is turning out to be a real test of wits for all parties, isn’t it? Homeowners are scratching their heads about loan repayment schedules, with dwindling jobs and lower earnings. Then there are those who have saved some money but are mindful of what happened to their fellow citizens after taking home loans.

There are a few methodical individuals who have saved enough, but aren’t sure whether they can still get better prices: should they wait? There are sellers waiting to see whether it’s time to list their homes, and still others who have listed their home and are eager to sell it off before the demand goes down or the prices hit a lower rung.

Although it doesn’t sound like it, this can actually be a good time for homeowners to refinance their loans. The Federal Housing Finance agency reports that during the first three quarters, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae refinanced about 3.5 million loans. Understandably, since the interest rates offered are far better than they were last year.

Especially if you have a rate adjustable loan, you are the prime candidate to take advantage of such low interest rates. Larson at Weiss Research predicts that the market will favor the buyers for the next year as well. One has to be absolutely watchful of the interest rates, as they might shoot up again as the buy back of the government nears closing.

For those choosing lower priced homes, the competition is fierce and the more cash you can put in, the better the deal you get. In the high end group the buyer should bargain hard. The fair price of today should be 10-12 percent lower than that of last year. This is because the prices are tipped to fall further and there are many great options in this segment while the takers are few and far between.

With the foreclosure rates running high and the economic slowdown, most sales advisors should be acquainted with the short sale, distress sale or foreclosed property negotiations, and real good deals can be worked out. These agents should be looking to talk to the first time homeowners and look at options from the resale homes.

Since buyers are cautious, low budget homes would be the zone to play in. Meanwhile, the real gold should be kept in mind for the methodical investor who has waited patiently for such a situation to arrive.

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