Aug 24

OK, I’m sure you’re probably sick of hearing about how busy we were around here last week and about how some people didn’t get to order Set for Life because of one obstacle or another…

So to start off, I’ll move on to something I think you’ll really like – my “make-good” apology offer…

We’ve spent some of Sunday and all day yesterday reconciling the orders, and found that we had some duplicate orders and some canceled orders and to top it off, emotional (and honest) pleas from folks that wanted in but missed the deadline.

So I told my staff to figure out how to squeeze a few more people in and at NOON today I opened up some new spots for Set for Life.

That’s right! Till midnight you have a second chance to get in if you missed the first time around.

Here’s a post from Chuck, who got in Saturday.

I just ordered “SET FOR LIFE”!! I look forward to getting the materials and moving forward. After seeing Dean’s Infomercial for the “Nth time” I took the plunge and got my first books last week and have decided to finally get earnest and intentional about Real Estate. This looks to be the :Real Deal” with an abundance of help/coaching/information/education, support etc., etc., etc…A few years ago I blindly got involved with a Real Estate program (the name will not be told), but I was left out to dry and have been skeptical until now. I believe everything that I have seen so far and am looking forward to a long, prosperous and edifying experience. We are told to Live By Faith, and I believe through faith that this IS “THE REAL DEAL”.- Sincerely, Chuck Kimple

So, if you want to be as happy as Chuck, then you’ve got one more chance.

Now here’s the bad news…

It’s ONLY staying open til midnight or until the remaining spots are gone.

But friend, don’t expect a third chance at this price though, (it ain’t gonna happen) get it now if you can.

I’ll talk to you Wednesday on the orientation call if you get in!


Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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