Aug 04

Maybe you heard about my announcement yesterday and wonder if it’s all true?

Well. It is.

Yes. I am giving you the chance to win the keys to my house, my cars my life.

Yes. I’m also giving away FREE access to the new and improved TotalView real estate tool to everyone who watches the video.

But more importantly, I’ve found the missing link to why some of my students have NOT been able to make money yet AND I’ve got a solution to fix it!

More on that in a second, but first, here are a couple posts from people who saw the video yesterday and commented on what I’ve done:


Posted by April 2010-08-01 21:58:39

Your house is gorgeous Dean. I just signed up for thanks for giving that to all of us before you begin charging for it.

Posted by Jason 2010-08-02 16:35:10

Thanks for the free tool Dean! As I type this, I’m looking at the 10 different tabs I have open to all the sites that you have integrated into Total View. I’m an active wholesaler, and in my business time is money. This tool will save me time, which in turn will earn me more $$$ I look forward to seeing your techniques and systems!


Yes, we have spent months of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars and improved TotalView to be next level amazing and you can have it for FREE.

As you can see, people are excited about it and everything else I revealed yesterday.

If you haven’t seen the video explaining it, then gadzooks man… you get over to the link below and watch it, so you can claim the great gift I have waiting for you too!

Watch the video real quick and then get what
I have waiting for you.

Over the next few days, I’m going to be sharing some amazing training with you as well as hand you some more incredible gifts to help you succeed as an investor.

I found the missing piece, the thing needed in order to create financial success as an investor, and now I can make it available to EVERYONE!

It’s exactly what all my top students have in common and with it, you can turn this recession around and finally profit from it!

All I can say don’t dare miss this video if you are ready to finally start making money or take what you are doing to insane levels.


Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

P.S. This is just the beginning of what’s coming, so
stay tuned.


– Oh yea… about getting the keys to my home in your hands… it will make total sense when you are done watching the video. You gotta go right now.

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