Aug 20

I’m really NOT a slave driver.

But my team has been going at it non-stop for over a week. They were hoping for Saturday off. (me too!)

But with so many questions coming in from people who are still just thinking about the Set For Life system, I have to go the extra mile to get everyone’s questions answered before we close this offer up for good.

So, I’m telling my wife I need to “work” another Saturday, dragging my team in, and doing a quick call for those who are ready to take their life in the right direction.

I will do the call at 3:00 PST on Saturday.

Again, it will be a pretty quick call.I don’t want to keep everyone on the line for an hour or more, I just want to answer the biggest questions you have before shutting this offer down for good.

It’s tough being the boss!!!

But it’ll be tougher for you if you miss your shot
at getting this system!

Now if you can’t make the call, if you have just been on the fence, then jump off! Go get the program, use the payment plan if you need to, try it for 30 days and make a few grand.

If you can’t make it work, cancel and I’ll refund your
money. BUT seriously, I can’t see how you could fail if you just take action.

Click here to before it’s too late!

Now, if you do have REAL questions, be on tomorrow’s call. I would hate for you to miss your slot because of one unanswered question.

(Truthfully, I don’t want you to be mad at me because I didn’t take time to answer all your questions before pulling the plug on this).

So, here is the call info:

Pick up the phone at 3:00 PM Pacific (6:00 PM Eastern) and Dial 507-726-3518, then enter 88171 #

Alternate Dial In Numbers (if other line is full): 714-338-8100 or 218-486-1400 Access Code For Both: 88171 #

We are seriously almost full. I’ll do this special call tomorrow afternoon and I expect you to call in.

I know how incredible it will make you feel once you get it, but you can’t know that if you’re sitting on the fence.

NOTE: Also, a top-secret, super special guest will join me to help answer all of your questions about Set for Life and what it can (and will) do for you, and your investing results. (Pretty dramatic eh?)

Here’s just a few benefits of the SLF system, you may have missed hearing about.

It’s designed to be used without your own money, EVEN if you have thousands in the bank…profit without risking a dime!

The Sellpoint feature, is a property blasting and collection tool which allows you to post your properties on over 20 different property listing websites, as well as over 40 social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Power Matching allows you to match up buyers and sellers across the entire SFL network. The program will tell two SFL users that they have a buyer/seller match and then generates a link with property details that can be sent in an internal message to potential buyers.

You can send an e-mail to matched buyers driving them to a special automated web page with your property on it. Then the second a buyer says they’re interested, you are both notified and can work out a deal with one another”

BAM! You’re in the money.

This system can pay for itself in a matter of hours if you use it!

It’s pretty sweet stuff!

Take a look at some of the comments from people who have the system already too!

“Nice! Nice Power matching & Estimator! Great strategy! Great tools! Outstanding program, thanks Dean!”

“This is an outstanding system to own!!!!! I’M SPEECHLESS YOU ARE GENIUS”

“Awesome Dean!! Great stuff, man!”

“This is the BEST program out there!”

“Dean, OMG! This is it! This is it! All I can say is, This is it! Thank you so much!

“Thanks Dean. I’m now set for life. My main interest is the automation. Thanks for all you do for us.”

Don’t you want to be able to join them? Then make the right choice, Click here to grab your spot

And if you have questions, then be on the call tomorrow!

Saturday afternoon will be your last chance to get answers…

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

Oh…and I promise to give my team some extra time off
next week (like maybe a longer lunch) but no more weekends for a while 😉

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