Aug 30

Do you remember 3 weeks ago when I started sending you a flurry of emails, asking you to go watch some new videos I made for you?

If you pay attention to my emails, you know I promised if you watched, you’d be in the running to win, what I can best describe as “a slice of my life” for a week.

Yep, I was giving away the keys to my house, my cars and my lifestyle, and all you had to do was watch a video to win.

Well, today I’m announcing the winner in my blog post.

Please take 3 minutes to go watch me draw the lucky name.

Especially if you took the time to watch my vidoes over the last two plus weeks, because maybe, just maybe, it’ll be your name I draw!

Come take a peek and find out

If you are the winner, congratulations! I’ll see you soon. If not, well better luck in the next contest.

In any case, watch the video and make it an amazing week!

All the best,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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