Sep 01

The buzz around the Set For Life system was amazing.

But please remember, if for any reason you didn’t take advantage of it, yet still got fired up, re-excited, learned from my teaching, got TotalView Real Estate for free or anything else to help you on your path…

Then even though you don’t have the complete SFL system you still received lots of value and that was my entire purpose for releasing it like I did.

I have to say, one of the most popular emails we received, from many of the students who didn’t get the entire system, was “can I break up the system and just offer the EDGE home study course.”

Well, to make sure NO-ONE feels left out, I did just that.

BUT – much, much better. How about making it so everyone can get it in their home and see the power of those presentations and training?

How about being able to get the EDGE home study course in your hands for less than $30?

Yes you read it right. Under $30…

I have created a special opportunity for you, if you’re ready to raise your hand and get this information in your home right away.

Go watch this special video I created just for you right now, see how you can get this info. in your hands and don’t miss out!

But there’s a catch…This opportunity is for a very limited time, so move fast!


Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

P.S. If you were not able to get the entire SFL
system… If you didn’t win my house for a few days…then you know, right here, right now is your chance to be a winner with the most amazing information, teaching and strategies in real estate, sent right to your home for under $30.

Go fast before they are gone 😉

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