Oct 19

The new blog is up and your fellow
investors are responding.

The last two weeks have seen the most
traffic and posts to my video blog
in the history of the site.


I had no idea how well people would respond
to my challenges.

Well, this week I have another one, if you
have not seen it yet, take a peek now.

Watch now

Just look at some of what people are saying this


I did have two Wonderful Weeks. You know these weeks
help me to really refocus and to rejuvenate and be
face to face with me again. I have regained momentum
again. And as Earl Nightingale said you become what
you think about or T Harv Ecker whatever you think
about expand.

Focusing entirely on real estate these
two weeks has allowed me weed out anything that
distracted me (secondary businesses here and there).

I am now back on track. I have gotten a 800 number, I
found a place where I can buy some corrugated signs
for dirt cheap, I have one lady who is talking to me
about some properties she has. ALL of these are
forward move that I really value. I feel empowered
again and I am refusing to believe or even to think
that there are any circumstances particularly strong
to hinder me in the accomplishment of my purpose and
goals. Thanks Dean for the thought.


See what others are saying and watch now

I believe this will be a real eye opener for all of us.
This is a wonderful tool to see on paper what we really
are doing as opposed to what we may think we are doing.
I will try to document all my activities this week.
Maybe you have another thought up your sleeve.
I am anxiously awaiting your reveal next week.
Thank Dean  for your inspiration. Please keep it coming.


There’s a lot more where these came from.

Why not take a few minutes to watch the video
and read the comments yourself.

Don’t forget to leave me some of your own.

I read ALL of these so it’s your chance to
get a message directly to me!

Check out the video blog now

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