Jan 13

It has been said that with age comes wisdom.

I think they call that a “maxim.”

But I’ve never heard any “maxim” promise you that
with age comes wealth!

By the same token, <—(that’s an idiom by the way),
I don’t know any sayings promising security, good
health, or ANYTHING ELSE you might want as you
age – ALONG with that “wisdom!”

So what am I getting at?

Simply this.

When each year seems no better than the one before,
it stinks!

The older we get, the faster the years fly by and if
nothing changes, it can be down right demoralizing.

Sure, a couple bad years that come AFTER A FEW GOOD
ONES is no big deal, right?

But what if you go decade, after decade, without a
good year?

What if you never get even ONE “windfall” year? It’s
hard to stay hopeful, inspired or to even remember
you once had dreams!

Me, I got lucky. I mean, I’m no genius. I hated
school, but I fell into real estate young… and I
made enough good decisions to outweigh the bad.

I got to experience going from being a dirt broke
kid, to having some pretty good money – while I
was still fairly young.

Then… I had some bad years… followed by some more
good ones.

But overall, it took me 20-plus years to learn what I
know now. That’s a long time.

Now, hold on… I’m not crying “poor me here,” I’m
just saying it would have been nice to have someone
teach me and cut that time in half…or maybe even

I know it’s realistic too.

Heck, some of my students have far surpassed what it
took me 15 plus years to accomplish and they have
done it in just a couple years!

And all it took for them, was to copy what I
struggled to figure out, and hit the ground running.

You see, the true value of wisdom is speed.

When you can shortcut the long, arduous, trial and
error of “figuring out what works,” and just start
doing what works, you maximize the days you are
living right now and speed your results.

So… what is speed worth to you?

I want you to think about it.

What would a typewriter have been worth to

What would a GPS have been worth to Columbus?

What would packaged food have been worth to the

Those comparisons are a little bit different, but
you get my point, right!

What if in one weekend, you could get what you needed
to make unlimited money in real estate and change your

The ability to make this year, and all the days that
follow, truly different.

That is what my “Gain the EDGE” event is all about.

What would that be worth to you?

Think about it…

Then take a look in your piggy bank and see what you
have to work with.

On Monday, January 17th, I’m going to reveal an early
bird, special offer I hope will knock your socks off.

An offer which will allow you to get that “speed” at
my EDGE event in May.

It will be a special never before offered deal from

It will be offered for only a limited time, so you
need to be ready to jump when I open the door.

So, please… think about what I’ve said here.

If it strikes a nerve with you, there’s a reason.

What is “speed” worth to you Richard?

Till Monday…

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 877-219-1473 ext. 319

PS If you did NOT watch Monday’s blog, there are
some videos I included at the end that you need
to see to really understand the value of the EDGE.

Watch it here

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