Mar 10

In case you haven’t heard. This week
in my video blog, my son Brody is
the big hit with my students.

I did a blog based on what I learned
from him recently, (and yes, he is only
two years old), and folks have been going
crazy over it.

So, my Toddler is getting all the credit
for the lesson this week. Which, is FINE!

Here is one of the comments watchers left:

I wanted to quit real estate a few times,
but then I thought of all the other things
and systems I’ve tried in the last 20 years
and I know this is the right business for
my family and me. In recent days I’ve put
my website together, my 800 number and
craigslist ads and a few other things
the coaches have given me to do
(from Dean’s Success Academy).

I know soon enough it will all pay off.
Just like Matt Larson said, “what will
people be saying about you in the next
five years”? So like I always say, “never
say die”. I just keep fighting, even through
sad days, depressing days and yes even days
when I have doubt and think this isn’t going
to work. I just keep moving one foot in front
of the other and I WON’T STOP!
Dean thanks for another weekly blog,
thanks for giving back.

Angel Meza, Los Angeles

The blog is about what happens when my
son falls off his tricycle and how that
should apply to us as adults.

Check it out today and let me know
what you get from the video.

All the best,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 877-219-1473 ext. 319

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