Apr 24


This is a plea from my heart.

Please Read ALL OF THIS email.

I do not know if you are going through
hard times personally or not.

I do know that many people are at their
wits end. Everyday is a struggle just to
keep going.

Who are they?

That’s what I need from you.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was looking
for applicants or nominees for a sort of “reality
show” I’m cooking up, and I STILL need your help.

It’s NOT an infomercial or something where I am
going to be selling anything. This is a true
reality show to help those who had a tough break.

I’m looking for nominations of people
who really, truly, need help.

Not simply people who would like to do
better in life, like most of my readers,
but people who have really had something
tragic happen in their life.

Examples could be:
•    Someone passed away leaving them with no
means of support.
•    They lost their job and while they are not
bad with their money, are in jeopardy.
•    The have a special need.
It is also important that they be community
minded as well.

I’m not interested in just helping someone
who is selfish and self-centered.

I want to help someone who is already of
the mindset that when they have the means
they make a difference in the lives of

Basically I’m looking for a person or family
who has not been chronically in dire straits,
but someone who with the right guidance could
get back on their feet and then make a difference
for their community or some other worthy cause.

If that describes you, then you can submit an

I will be helping as many folks as I can. This is
not intended to be a one shot deal, so it’s NOT a

Now whether you are or know someone like this or
not,this next thing is VERY important.

I bet you know someone, who knows someone who
fits the description.

That is why I need you to make this viral.

It’s as simple as emailing everyone you know
and telling them to go watch this video:


It is as simple as posting it on your Facebook
page, on your twitter page or anywhere else
you know of that people will see it.

Watch the video yourself too. You will see
how to submit yourself or anyone else for
this great opportunity.

Please. Help me with this. I can’t do it without

Here is the link to watch and pass along.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 877-219-1473 ext. 319

PS To help you pass this along, you can use the
text below or come up with something of your own.
Just copy and paste it.


People needed for “Bounce Back” reality show.

Investor and best selling author Dean Graziosi is
seeking nominations or applicants to be chosen for
a new show.

He will actually hold their hand and help them
profit from a real estate deal in just one week,
and they keep all the profits to help them
“bounce back” if they are in a situation
where they need help.

Please take a moment to watch this 5 minute video
and then forward the message to as many people as
you can. He talks about the opportunity about a
minute into the video, so be patient.

Anyone can apply. Thank you!


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