Apr 03

I hope you’re having a great weekend and
I’ll make this brief.

As you know I’ve been promising you private
funding help and I’ve got that up and running
in a few test areas now.

But since many of my readers continually ask me for
insider information on credit scoring, I’ve also been
working hard to find someone with the background and
knowledge to provide some real advice.

Well I FINALLY made friends with just the guy.

His name is Philip and he is an expert who has been
quoted in The Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal,
and The Washington Post… just to name a few.

I’ve twisted his arm into holding a FR’EE, one-time-
only, online seminar, (a webinar I guess is the official
term) to show you how to STOP the banks from STEALING
from you and simultaneously demystify your credit and
show you how to take back control from the banks and

If you’ve ever been denied credit or had ANY bad
experience because your credit wasn’t “good
enough” you can’t afford NOT to see this webinar.

I will post a blog on Monday where I will introduce
you to Philip, but in the meantime I had him create a
special sign up page with a short video introduction so
you can reserve your spot before he gets bombarded
with requests once Monday’s blog goes live.

Click the link below to sign-up now

No matter whether you’ve just got a few “dings”
or if you’ve got “serious issues” like foreclosure,
bankruptcy, late pays, etc… no matter how bad
you’ve been told your credit might be…there’s TRUE
information that I convinced Philip to share with you.

It could make EVERYTHING better for you.

As a result of what he has to share with you, you’ll
be in the best possible position to solve all your credit

If your credit is good, you’ll be armed to the teeth to
be certain it you’re NEVER abused by the banking
schemes and credit thugs EVER again.

Click the link to sign-up now…

Always looking out for you!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 877-219-1473 ext. 319

PS- Make sure you look for the blog Monday to see a
quick interview I did with Philip. You’re going to
love what he has to say!

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