Jun 06

As you pursue your real estate success,
here is something you don’t get a chance to
do everyday…in fact, maybe never.

Today you get the chance to raise money for
the tornado victims of Joplin, MO. without
ANY effort at all.

All you need to do is click the link
below and watch my blog and I’ll donate
money on your behalf to help the area.

You’ll also get your weekly dose of real estate
wisdom, but this time, while you’re learning
you’ll also be making a difference in the lives
of folks who DESPERATELY need it.

I read an article that reported how the town had
17 funerals in one day.

The grief in that area is heartbreaking to me.

If you feel the same sense of compassion,
all you need to do it click the link and we’ll
do the rest.

Of course, if you can do more, I encourage you to
do so. After all, what defines us as a nation is
the way we respond when our fellows need us.

So please. Take a moment and make a difference.

The reason I’m doing it this way is to make a
statement. I constantly brag about how my readers are

If we end up sending $100,000 to help Joplin because
100,000 of you clicked this link, it proves that what I
believe about you is true.

You not only want a better life for yourself and family,
but you care about more than just you.

Let’s show the world what the DG family can do.


Thank you and if you’re the praying kind, keep
the folks of Joplin and the surrounding areas
on your list the next few weeks and months. I can
only imagine what hardships they are facing.


Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 877-219-1473 ext. 319

Everyone who watches this video will help raise
money to help the good people affected by the
tornado of May 22nd. So please, watch listen
and pass it on
. In less than 5 minutes, together
we can raise thousands to help restore life to a
hurting community. Thank you.

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