Aug 02

You are so smart to be jumping on this VIP “Tell All”
live training call TONIGHT with ME and my special guests.

You’ll hear from 4 of my once stressed out, worried
about their futures, TURNED MILLIONAIRE students on
the line sharing HOW they did it and give you the
steps to get started FAST with no FEAR!

Here is the DEAL… We can only get a certain # of
phone lines and they will get maxed out.

So, I suggest turning up your speakers, shutting of
your cell, click out of Facebook and email and listen
live right on your computer at

So, at or right before 9:00 PM EST and 6:00 PM PST,
go to

And if you have to or want to listen on the phone,
then here are your options:

Dial-In Number: 507-726-3511
Passcode: 88171 #

If that is busy, use these:

Alternate Dial-In Numbers:

Participant Passcode: 88171 #

REMEMBER, if the lines are full, just go listen LIVE
online at

I know you wake up in the morning and the list of what
you can/should be working on seems overwhelming, right?

Well, just for tonight, let it all go.

Because if you don’t do something different, it will
continue to be the same forever. Enough of that. Time
to carve out a path to a future YOU control.

I’ll be there, listing and learning as well!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

PS – at 6:00 pst and 9:00 est

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