Aug 05

Now that was a killer day!!! Did you miss it? Did you only
see parts of it?

No worries, we got the replay posted along with details for
success-a-thon #2 on Saturday.

Posting a video that long after finishing late wasn’t an
easy task for my team, but they did it.

Watch Replay Now

For six hours, I had all kinds of famous “gurus” and
big time bestselling authors sharing the stuff you need to

People like:
•    Frank Kern – Get Rich the Lazy Way
•    Brendon Burchard – NY Times Best Selling Author of
the Millionaire Messenger
•    Mike Koenigs – Creator of Main Street Marketing Machines
& Traffic Geyser
•    Greg Clement – Founder of Realeflow
•    David Bach – 9 Consecutive NY Times Best Sellers
…And what I liked just as much, ok maybe a little more,
was seeing and hearing the passion and the secrets of their
success from my students like:
•    Carol Stinson – Broke Mom of 7, Turned Independent
Profit Maker
•    Matt Larson – Machine Shop Worker to Multi-Millionaire
•    Joe Jurek – Accountant Turned Ninja Profit Maker
•    Greg Murphy – 70 Hour a Week, Frustrated Electrician to
Powerhouse, Happy Real Estate Investor
•    John and Julie Wakefiled – The Skeptical Spouse to
Power Team
Man it was amazing and I am bold enough to say Saturday’s
will blow it out of the water.

We have a lineup that is going to rock and I am going to
also share two HUGE surprises that should allow everyone
watching the ability to be a part of the rock bottom blueprint
before all the slots are filled and we shut it down.

And the way it looks, we will be shutting the opportunity
down by day’s end tomorrow. No Joke!

Go watch the replay and check out Saturday’s schedule.

Watch Replay Now

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

IMPORTANT P.S. Make whatever changes you have to and
be on LIVE, tomorrow from 11:00am PST to 6:00pm PST.
You can’t afford to miss it. May be your last chance to get the
Rock Bottom Blueprint, EVER…

Plus, I’m drawing the winner of my house live… so schedule
it, move things around and get there.

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