Aug 04

Dean here, sneaking in a quick email on break.

My Live Online Success-a-Thon is going AWESOME!

I’ve had some amazing guests so far. Frank Kern,
Greg Murphy, and Brendon Burchard just finished.

If you’ve been unable to watch from the beginning,
don’t sweat it – some of the BEST are yet to come
later today!

At about 3pm Pacific:
MATT LARSON, machine shop worker Turned
Multi-millionaire & my TOP Success Academy trainer
JEFF JENSEN, who’s coached thousands on the path of
success will both be joining me.

And after that, approximately 4 PM pacific, you’ll

The recently broke mom of 7, turned independent
profit maker – you HAVE to come watch and
listen to Carol if you can.

She is not only inspiring, but she’s entertaining
and as REAL as the day is long.

Seriously, you’ll love seeing her.

Watch it HERE! I’m live until 6 PM Pacific

Come join in the fun, this is awesome…oh,crud
their calling me, break is over gotta go!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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