Oct 18

Statistics say over 79% of
those who get into real estate investing give
up in the first 5 months.

But why is that?

I’ve come up with 5 reasons.
1.    Poor focus and little or no plan –
Many folks try every strategy
possible, spreading themselves too thin.
Just pick one strategy, document it in
a business plan and master it before
moving on to a 2nd.
2.    No support or mentor – Are the
people your listening to qualified to
advise you? If not, then find a mentor
that is. Spend time on the DG website
or meet people through a local REI
club. Mentors will point out
unnecessary risks, provide solutions
and even save deals or save you
from a failure.
3.    Wrong strategy – Many investors
choose a strategy that just does not
work in their market. Do your
homework and choose the right
4.    Effort and time – This one is obvious.
Many new real estate investors get
excited and work hard for 2 days
then do nothing for 2 months.  You
have to write down goals and what it
will take to achieve them, put
together daily tasks and complete
them on a consistent basis.
5.    Chance – Too many wanna be
investors just throw things out there
half-baked hoping something will
stick. That’s silly. Master your
strategy and have the knowledge,
systems and team in place to be
successful in real estate investing.
You gotta do your due diligence.

Folks who do these things end up
disappointed and disillusioned with real

Also, most never learn how to differentiate
themselves and communicate their unique
value in their area.

On the other hand, there are a few
strategic thinkers – students of mine like
Matt Larson, Carol Stinson, Greg Murphy –
investors who understand how to create a
unique position, and distinct advantage.

A good example of this in a non-real estate
market is the iPhone.  On one level, it’s just
another phone.

But for many, it’s the ONLY phone in the
world they would buy. So, what do you
think of yourself?

Are you an iPhone, or just another hopeful
real estate investor?

If you’re struggling to figure out how to
succeed in this market, becoming a Trusted
Authority could be your solution.

An expert at this is my buddy Greg Habstritt.
I’ve been raving to you about him for over a
week now.

His latest video is up now and it shows you
exactly what his program is really all about,
and gives you some very cool strategies and
examples that show why this program is SO

If you want to see things in a new light, and
learn some powerful success-building ideas,
this is your chance.

Click here and watch Greg’s Video

There’s a training video, plus the complete
PDF download. And it’s all fre.e… nothing
to buy.

Rooting for you,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at
877-219-1473 ext. 319

P.S. If you want to hear the interview I did
with Greg, you can listen here and then go
see his video.

Take a look now

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