Nov 12

This is Megan, Dean’s personal
assistant and friend. I need to ask for
your help.

I am hijacking Dean’s email account, so
please don’t respond since we don’t
want him to find out about the surprise.

I think you are probably aware how
dedicated Dean is to your success in not
only real estate, but in life. Believe me,
his weekly wisdom blogs are how he
lives each day and he does whatever he
can to enrich the lives of people he can
touch, even here in the office.

Well, we want to do something really
special for Dean this Christmas here at
the office, but buying for a guy who has
everything and asks for nothing from
others isn’t easy.

We figured it out and here is where I
need your help. I have to say it again;
Dean is truly obsessed with helping you
achieve the life you desire. He reads the
posts you leave at literally every
night as inspiration to work hard.

So with that, I want to create him the
biggest photo album ever created with
his DG family in it… and that means

So can you help me?? I want to give it to
him for Christmas so we have to move

I included a link below where we made
it super simple for you to attach a
picture and then write a few hundred
words about how Dean has affected
your life.

Now, if you are like so many and have
made money and want to share how
that has affected your life, great. But he
loves the comments as well on how the
blogs or his positive energy or seeing
him on stage helps other parts of your
life. I’m not kidding. As busy as he is,
he spends hours and hours each week
reading your posts on our social

So a picture and some words on how
Dean has affected your life is all I need
from you to make the perfect gift from
ALL OF US that I know will touch his
heart for a lifetime.

Will you help me?

Please click here –

Thank you,
Megan Fenrick

P.S. PLEASE don’t post anything about
this on I really want this to be
a surprise.

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