Dec 05

The Holidays are here. Yet even in a
season of Joy, things like money being
tight, divorce, separation, death and
other difficult events are present.

How can we bear it all?

I feel compelled to confess to you,
Thanksgiving started out bad at my
house this year.

My wife Jonelle and I had plans to join
friends for the day, but our son woke up
sick, so we cancelled.

Soon, I started missing my mom and
dad. Dad is in New York…my mom is in
Virginia and here I was, surrounded by
my own family and still I felt a bit alone.

Sure enough, I started getting depressed,
feeling like we should have flown to see
SOMEONE…I got grumpy with my
wife and basically was suffering from
the “poor me” syndrome.

I almost ruined the day for everyone…

How did I snap out of it?

Here is my suggestion and my personal

I had a realization that flipped the switch
for me and made me happy again. It’s
now a new addition to my bag of tricks.

Maybe you’ll need my trick sometime in
the next few days…maybe sometime in
the distant future.

I’ve been telling you your best days are
ahead of you…and they are.

See How I Beat the Grinch of My
Own Making Now

Let’s finish 2011 strong – – I believe in

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
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