Jan 18

People are going nuts over the short
interview I did with credit expert Phil
Tirone in this week’s “Weekly Wisdom”

They are amazed to discover that 80% of
us have errors on our credit reports that
nobody ever tells us about.

They are astounded to discover the banks
and credit card companies actually
WANT you to have low credit scores
cause that makes them richer!

But the thing all your fellow Dean
Graziosi students are raving about, is
how easy it is for you to fix all this
without getting suckered by one of those
costly “credit repair” companies.

And did you know you don’t have to
have a clean credit report to get and
maintain a high score? It’s true!

This is something you have to see if your
credit is any lower than 720.

Low credit scores affect everything from
how much you pay for your car
insurance to whether or not you get hired
for a job.

This is something you should watch
because even if those things aren’t
important to you, you surely know
someone who could benefit from the
truth on this subject.

Watch Now and Start Telling Everyone
The Truth!

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