Apr 04

In Monday’s blog I tell you a true story of
how three days of intense pain last week
gave me an epiphany.

It started with my first ever migraine, an
experience that was not only terribly
painful, but one that I couldn’t get relief
from no matter what I tried…

It was miserable – BUT…this painful
experience gave me a real epiphany about
pushing through life’s “headaches”…and
how you can do the same thing.

This blog is all about how to keep your
vision and dreams alive in spite of the
obstacles in life.

Watch and listen to get a powerful
metaphor for powering through your

Push Through Your “Aches” and Still

Have a great Wednesday!


Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
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877-219-1473 ext. 319

PS There is also still a chance for you to
watch and vote for who I should partner
with this year, so if you have not yet had
a chance to view the entries, you can do
that as well.

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