Jun 02

One of your fellow investors, Jenn Gray
really made my job easy today. I had this
great email all ready to send to,
reminding you to go grab your FREE
copy of my book at the DG website
today, and then I read her post.

Her post was so good, I decided to send
you what she said instead of my
message, does this not say it all?!

“It’s true; if you want to be bigger than
yourself you must surround yourself
with something that is bigger than you
are. Something that stretches you!
Something that will help dust off the dirt
from your knees (or bottom) when you
fall down…your ‘recharge’ when your
low battery light is blinking!

(a place where)…when you are bloodied
and wounded from battle, people stand
back to back with you in the fight. A
place to learn and grow a place you can
go for information, suggestions, & honest
feedback because we know that good,
bad or ugly all aspects need to be
explored! And you’ll get it at DG.

So yeah, we’re world changers! Leaving
it better off than we found it! Making
huge impacts, making differences in the
lives of those near and far!”

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom video I
talk about keeping the momentum if
your life going, you’re going to be super
energized after you watch this one…8
minutes of pure adrenaline and MY

Check it out now…

That’s not a picture of me tending a
headache; it’s a shot of me transforming
my thoughts…now it’s your turn.

Have a great Wednesday!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at
877-219-1473 ext. 319

PS Remember to claim your copy of my
when you go to view this week’s

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