Jun 12

Last week I asked you to find your “BIG
WHY” (if you did the exercise I posted
for you).

This week, I want you to find something
to keep near you, something that reminds
you of that “why” no matter where you
are or what you’re doing.

I’ll show you the two things I wear
around my neck every day to remind me
why I do what I do.

Your “homework” this week is simple.

Find Your Talisman

Okay before you start thinking I’ve gone
off the deep end, I’m NOT referring to a
talisman as a mystical or magical object.

I’m suggesting you find an object you can
tie in to the big “WHY” you came up
with after last week’s exercise.

It can be anything that produces a
remarkable or powerful influence on
your feelings or actions.

In this Weekly Wisdom, I share the two
objects I keep close to my heart, to
remind me of my BIG WHY when times
get tough.

I think this practical suggestion is
something that will make sense and is
easy enough for you to implement today.

Take 2 minutes not Watch this Weekly
Wisdom video and see how your
talisman can be a constant encourager to

Find Your Talisman

Please share your comments under the
video and have an ABUNDANT

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