Sep 18

Ok, if you haven’t already checked out
this week’s blog, you need to go do so
right away. 😉

Not only do I interview an awesome
couple who are parents to 8 and grand-
parents to 4, who look younger than me
(Ugh) on their launch in to real estate…

I also am giving away my iPad to one of
you who post on the site.

So go take a watch at

But, I also wanted to give you fair
warning to be READY for Monday!!!


I’m working on the greatest training
videos I’ve ever assembled for you guys.
If you like my weekly wisdoms, then be
ready for an entirely NEXT LEVEL…

The first video will be released Monday
morning so do whatever it takes to watch
them… And to make sure you do, I’ve
decided to BRIBE YOU…

Well, it’s an ethical bribe of course… If
you think it is cool that I’m giving one of
you my iPad for just posting on my site…

How cool is it that NOW I’m going to
give one of you one of my rehabbed and
rented investment properties just for
watching my new training videos?!

Yea, no kidding, no catch… I did it last
year and John Baptise got the keys to a
killer property of mine just for watching
and within weeks I turned the title over
to him.

No cost, No catch. All his

And I’m doing it again. So whatever you
do, don’t dare miss Monday’s email that
will take you to what I believe to be my
best training video ever!!

With all my years of doing this, with
having such a great relationship with
YOU, my student and with being so close
to my DG family. I know what holds you
back and NOW I’m going to reveal how
to break that barrier and get YOUR piece
of the action!!!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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