Sep 18

I hope you enjoyed the four videos I did
for you… and as a way of saying thanks

for watching, I’m going to go LIVE on

Internet TV (we call that a LiveCast)

with even more training this weekend!

Along with some special guests, in fact

lots of them that are gonna blow your

mind…I have them flying in from ALL

OVER the country to share with


And YES you will watch it live, right on

your computer. Raw, Uncensored and

Interactive. Yes you will be able to ask

questions. 😉

It starts tomorrow, Friday at 2:30 PM

Pacific, 5:30 PM Eastern time and is

gonna go on for at least 5 hours or more.

Oh yea, this is gonna ROCK!!!

Anyway, we are a little more than 24

hours away, give or take, from what will

be a life changing LIVE broadcast for

those who are ready to MAKE IT

HAPPEN in 2012!!! 

15 of my students, including a bunch
of new millionaires are spilling the

beans LIVE baby…and these are the

people who you want to learn from


Register for this webcast now so I
know you are going to attend.

During the LIVE webcast you’ll hear:

•    How to overcome the #1 obstacle

you face.

•    The only TRUE way, to get from

where you are, to where you want

to be.

•    How to start with no money, no loans

and make your friends and family

proud (or jealous).

•    How my students with monstrous

obstacles and inner self doubt were

able to overcome and CRUSH IT.

•    And so much more…

Do NOT give up now, you’re close to

the finish line, just a few more hours

and your eyes are going to be opened

like never before.

Okay, that’s enough, I’ve made my

point. This is your revival, your

recharge for finally achieving the

real estate success you’ve been


Don’t miss that LIVE web cast. Two

different days, two completely different

sets of guests tomorrow and Sunday!

Register here:

See you there,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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