Sep 18

The Insider Elite Group Grand
Opening Special closes tonight – this is
your final chance/warning to get in.

If you have been stuck…and it is at all

possible for you to jump into this

program…you can get unstuck! 

, you owe it to
your dreams to take action. Try it, give it

30 days to decide and if you aren’t happy,

I’ll refund all your money!

You can’t lose unless you do

One of the people who got in on Friday

posted this on their check in:

” I was able to read through a couple of
the items from the DG library. This is

wonderful and easy-to-understand

information. I have so many things

going through my head right now!!

Almost overwhelmed!! I hope to spend

serious time this weekend starting to

study the Rock Bottom Blueprint as well

as working with the Foreclosure software.

Thanks Dean!!

Wow – that’s just in 1 day! Imagine what

you could do…

Click here before Midnight PST –

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

PS Okay, I’ll make this easy for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1st You Get: The RIGHT

All my previous books, programs and
training materials worth over $47,000 –
including the Rock Bottom Blueprint!

•    Steal the secrets used by my best

students, like Ali who became a Cash

MILLIONAIRE in approximately 8


•    Eliminate any confusion or fear and

start creating cash flow and freedom

like Rina who went from shy

housewife to multimillionaire.

•    Use the exact strategies my Top

students, Academy trainers and

EVEN I myself use EVERY DAY to

cash in big.

•    “Pick and use” battle tested,

marketing pieces to hit the ground

running. Readymade and proven to

find the best deals AND ALSO find

Buyers and People Who Want to

GIVE YOU MONEY to invest with!

•    A complete, virtual warehouse of

brochures, flyers, pre-written ads,

signs, scripts, prospecting letters –

everything you need and nothing you

don’t to explode your income in this

market or ANY. No more guessing,

just plug, play and profit.

2nd You Get: Daily Wisdom and

•    Daily wisdom videos to keep you on


•    Daily Check In to keep you


•    Ask the Experts to avoid confusions

and getting stuck or paralyzed by fear.

•    Learn from my “Dream Team” on

what’s working

•    Reverse the years of negativity in

minutes a day

•    Live, Cutting Edge Training Via

Regular Webcasts

A Guaranteed Ticket to the
     Exclusive Centurion VIP Member

3rd: Pick A Life Coach So You can’t
Screw Up!

If you ever wished you just had someone

to turn to for guidance and direction, this

is your solution. Take your pick from my

trained Life Coaches to create your plan

and follow it with precision! Like your

personal real estate profit coach!

NOTE: These next two BONUSES are
included as part of the Rock Bottom

Blueprint you get as an Insider Elite

Member. Separately, many of my

successful students have paid over

$15,550 for the above information and

programs – but when you take action

today, you get it all and a LOT MORE

for just a fraction of that! 30 days from

now, you may be doing your first deal

and cashing a check for, $5,000, $10,000,

$20,000 or more, you’ll know without a

doubt what a STEAL the Insider Elite

Program was for you.


30 Days to EMERGENCY Quick Cash

If money worries are robbing you of your

joy, if the creditors are banging at the

door, or if you just want to create a BIG

FAT CHECK for a quick vacation or that

new 60” Plasma TV, this is your solution!

Let me personally guide you through a 30


PROCESS to PROFIT without using

ANY of your money and no credit

Follow this formula like a recipe for

cookies and step-by- step, day-by-day

cook up cash!

Training videos, and a virtual treasure

chest of other important resources.

And, much, much more.


Cash Flow Multiplier

If you’ve never created cash flow from a

property, you’re probably thinking how

great it would be just to do it once. Well

why settle for that? With the cash flow

multiplier, you can create as many

streams of income as you want; until you

have the exact amount of passive income

you need coming in every month like


Instantly identify the perfect properties

in a flash and leverage other experts to

manage, rent and profit from them while

you kick it at the beach.


•    The 2012 Gain the EDGE Home

Study course.

•    Access to watch the 2013 EDGE

event via live cast

•    My Big Book of Real Estate Deals

And that is only education part…
there’s so much more.

You’re ready to make this decision, I

know it. When you believe in me, my

entire organization believes in you, you

can truly build the life you desire.

There is nothing left to do but get started.

Get in now before it’s too late!

Please don’t miss it. This offer is over
at midnight…

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