Sep 18

Now THAT was a killer Friday
afternoon!!! My guests delivered so

much no-nonsense, “how to”

information…it was like a live walk

through on how to make money in

real estate!

Did you miss it? Did you only see

parts of it?

No worries, we got the replay posted

along with details for our 2nd Villain

Crushing Marathon Training session on


Go Watch this Mind Blowing Replay

You’d better have something to take

notes when you go watch this because

for more than five hours, my successful

students and expert training team shared

insider stuff you DEFINITELTY want

and need to know.

Here’s just a taste of what some of my

guests shared today…

  • Chad Merrihew, 27 year old youth
    shares how he’s bought
    over a million dollars’ worth of

    property with NONE of his own

    money – and how you can do it too.

  • Ali Safavi, new multi-millionaire
    after a year using Dean’s program

    to invest using other people’s money.

  • Jennifer Gray, a single mom who
    got financially free
    in less than 3
    years tells how to find buyers the

    easiest fastest way possible, listen

    to this and have some by tomorrow!

  • Matt Larson, college dropout,
    former machine shop operator

    turned multimillionaire did
    1000+ deals tells you what deal

    to avoid and how to get started

    right now- no matter what your


  • Philip Tirone, Credit expert  gets
    very personal with what he’s

    discovered about success- you’ll be


  • Chris Strickland, Success Academy
    who used smart marketing
    to purchase and sell approximately

    1,600 properties in four years. 

Man it was amazing and I am bold
enough to say Sunday’s just might blow

today’s out of the water.

We have a lineup that is going to rock

and I am going to also share ONE

HUGE surprise that should allow

everyone watching the ability to be a part

of the Insider Elite group before all the

discount slots are filled and we shut it


Go watch the replay and check out

Sunday schedule.

Watch Replay Now

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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