Nov 26

If you’ve been waiting, or have forgotten 
about my Black Friday, get the “EDGE 

2012 event at a whopping 50% off, sale…

I’m here to jingle your bell. 🙂

I’m ending the special deal on the EDGE 

live event home study course tonight at 

midnight PST. 

Today’s your last chance for the deal.

Get in on this deal before it’s over…

This is the great deal you can snag now:

The Entire Gain the EDGE 2012 event 

on DVD.

  • Learn the CURRENT techniques 
    that produce profits FAST.

  • Steal the secrets used by my best 
    students, (like Ali who became a 

    Cash MILLIONAIRE in 

    approximately 8 MONTHS!)

  • Swipe the strategies for finding the 
    Best Deals and creating Attractive 


  • Discover dozens of internet & 
    social media marketing tricks for 

    R.E. Investors

  • See how to find the true value of a 
    property and cash in on package 


  • How to solve any investing 
    problem to create cash and 

    complete deal With NO Money of 

    your own!

  • Eliminate any confusion or fear and
    replace it with cash flow and 


PLUS – I’ll include a Video recording of 
a $20,000 PER PERSON VIP closed 

door training, that is going to answer the 

biggest questions most investors run into.

This is the deal of a lifetime!

Not only will you have a blast watching 

this, you’ll gain all the wisdom and 

capabilities you need to CRUSH it in real


This is always a life changing event.

We sold this at home version course to a 

limited number of people after the event 

for $997…we had a special after the 

Insider Elite opening for $597 – ALL 


My Black Friday price for the at home 

version is only $298.50 – AND you get 

the $20,000 VIP Training sessions 


That’s a a Black Friday deal like no one 

ever offers anywhere, right!

Hope you get in before we close it down.


Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at

877-219-1473 ext. 319

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