Dec 03

This Weekly Wisdom video is a bit 

I tell a little story about an amazing lady 

named Carol.

(She was dead broke when she bought 

my book about four years ago – but not 


Then, I cut to a video of that same lady, 

delivering a book made up of all the 

comments and prayers posted by you, my

readers, on the DG site a few weeks ago.

That book is being given to a Pastor in 

Staten Island New York along with a 

check to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Look and see what you helped do…

I wonder how many other real estate 

investing groups can say they have been 

a part of healing the lives of people they 

don’t even know?

My guess is…not many.

But you, because you are here, are a part 

of that.

Thank you!

Giving Back and Moving On

Have a great week!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
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