Feb 13
My head is still spinning over the
THOUSANDS of responses to my blog
two weeks ago.

I put out the request asking for people who wanted to work with me and find properties I could buy.

This week I tell you exactly what I'm
doing and how this can benefit you. 
Total transparency...

So, if you responded with an interest in being one of my area managers (where I pay you to find me deals), or you're just curious to know how you can profit by finding deals for other investors, watch this Weekly Wisdom video right away.

(Oh, and at the bottom of this email is an interesting and inspiring fact about today's Holiday, MLK Day).

Click HERE on the image below to
watch... <http://links.deangraziosi.mkt4209.com/ctt?kn=1&ms=NTQ2OTc2NgS2&r=MjA1NTIzOTk5MgS2&b=0&j=NjM2ODQ3OTkS1&mt=1&rt=0> 


I know today is a Holiday for a lot of
folks, so if you are sitting at home today, take some time to make a little progress with your real estate goals.

Here's one suggestion - if you did not see the last two blog videos, go watch them after you see this one. Cara sonriente (blanco y negro)

Lastly, the EDGE event is sold out, so if you tried to get one of the tickets and couldn't I'm sorry. 

But stick close to this site, because I have some great things coming to help you succeed in this amazing real estate market this year.

Below is the Interesting Fact About
Martin Luther Holiday and How It
Applies to You as an Investor.

The effort to create the MLK Jr. Holiday lasted 15 years -1968-1983. Monday, Jan. 21, 2013 marks the 28th celebration of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
Holiday, which honors the man who led
the non-violent, direct-action Civil Rights Movement from 1955 to 1968. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance in order to gain national observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. It takes the same kind of persistence to succeed in the things YOU are passionate about. If you have not yet achieved the results you hoped for in real estate, let today serve as a reminder and testament to the power of the persevering for what is right!

Don't forget to watch the new Weekly
Wisdom. <http://links.deangraziosi.mkt4209.com/ctt?kn=2&ms=NTQ2OTc2NgS2&r=MjA1NTIzOTk5MgS2&b=0&j=NjM2ODQ3OTkS1&mt=1&rt=0> 

Have an EXCELLENT week,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at
877-219-1473 ext. 319

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