Apr 15

I hope Easter weekend was wonderful
for you.

Today is April 1st which means its April
fool’s day.

Well, I’m not into fooling people, in fact
I’m in GREAT mood today and you’ll see
that in today’s weekly wisdom.

  • I announce the winner of the
    iPhone contest from two weeks
    ago (come see if it’s you).
  • I’m giving everyone who wants it
    a copy of my newest book –
    FREE no catch, no cost.
  • I have a greeeeeaaaaaaaaat tip
    for you on how to stop wishing
    you were doing better and
    actually start stepping in the
    right direction -right now…today.

I think this video blog will make your
Monday one of the best ones in weeks…
check it out now.

Click This Pretty Blue Sentence Or, on
the Video Image If You See It Below

My simple but powerful suggestion is
something you will immediately identify
with – I hope the advice is easy to do and
will produce a positive change for you.

I’m No Fool When It Comes To You,
I’ll Do All I Can to Help You Reach
Your Goals Click Here to Start Your
New Amazing Week

One last thought, if you joined me for
one or both of the live casts last week…
thank you. If you missed any of them,
you can find a replay on the main page
near today’s Weekly Wisdom. I will keep
it up for a few more days.

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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