Jun 28

I’m so grateful for my beautiful wife who
gave me the honor, the privilege the earth
shaking joy of being a father.

I don’t have a big story for you about my
childhood or anything else. But I’ll share
something I wrote to my kids a few years

It’s from the dedication of my second real
estate book, “Profit From Real Estate
Right Now”

Brody Dean Graziosi – who was literally
born the day after I finished this book.

Until the moment you were born I

questioned if I could love another child

as much as I loved my first born

Breana. And then the second I met you

it hit me, it’s not one or the other, when

it comes to your children there is so

much love, equally available to both. I

love you and your sister more than

words could ever express. You both

inspire me to be a better man. Thank


Well, that is even truer now then it was

the day I wrote it.

I hope this day is one that is joyful for

you…and even in writing that, the

awareness that some of us don’t have

great “Father” memories is heavy on my


But you are alive and reading this and

you have the greatest chance ever to live

an amazing life because of real estate, so

if this is not your favorite day…celebrate

your amazing opportunity.

In closing, if you would like to honor

your Father or any Father, we have a

string on my website where you can post

your comments.

Here is the link:


Thanks and if it’s not already posted,

look for an exciting new Weekly Wisdom

to be up bright and early tomorrow


Till next time,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

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