Oct 18

What do investors think of a real estate market in which home prices are at best stagnant, but still falling in many areas.  There’s no appreciation to speak of in much of the U.S.  The “glass half empty” real estate investors would be troubled about their inability to buy, repair and flip for a nice profit.  They would be working many times harder to turn up a flip deal that isn’t so risky as to make them lose sleep at night until it’s finished and flipped.

Then there’s the “glass half full” group who see amazing opportunities in today’s real estate market climate.  And, even better, it’s not short term flip money requiring another flip to keep the cash flow rolling.  Things have changed, but certainly there’s great opportunity for those real estate investors who recognize the trends developing and act on them.

There is a growing group out there who either were previously homeowners who lost their equity and homes, or would-be first time home buyers; and this group is beginning to say things like “we may rent for the rest of our lives.”  With one study showing the average American home ownership before the recent crash being about 8 years, it’s easy to see why this group of people is growing.  They don’t see an upside financially to home ownership.  While things can, and probably will, change at some point, few see any possibility of rising home prices in the near future.  At least they don’t see prices rising at a pace that will allow them to recoup their investments with closing costs to buy and sell.

This is a wonderful market for the real estate investor who recognizes the opportunities in buying homes and holding them for rental income.  In July, the U.S. Commerce department reported that the percentage of home ownership had declined, a trend that seems to be ongoing.  These people didn’t leave the country, just their status as home owners.  They all became renters.  With more renters, deep discount home prices, and historic lows in mortgage interest rates, the glass is much more than just “half full.”

Mar 10

Today for different sets of buyers and situations there are different kinds of mortgage loans. The list is as follows:

o    Fixed Rate Mortgage loans
o    Adjustable Rate Mortgage loans
o    Refinance Mortgage loans
o    Second Mortgage loans
o    Federal Housing Administration loans
o    Veteran Affairs loans
o    Bad credit loans

Home loans are secured loans, which essentially mean that they need a collateral security to be pledged. In case the owner fails to pay up, the lender would attach the security deposit or property. What is important and becomes relevant in the current market situation is that the individuals with bad credit scores can get a finance option, though at a higher rate of interest. With the unemployment rates increasing, many have defaulted on their debts and this has definitely impacted the credit scores, thus it helps if there is an instrument that can help them repay their home loans.

The refinancing option is a major help to those who suddenly find the going tough in the wake of reduced earnings and loss of jobs. The refinance option will also work since the interest rates have really become favorable this year and are constantly decreasing. Therefore, adjusting the interest rates will have a bearing on the repayment installments or the term of the loan. This should make life a little easier for people with cash flow problems. The refinancing option can also help those few who have thinking about selling their home, since they can no longer afford the high repayment premium with the suffocating employment situation in the country.

Some elderly couples or individuals who had been looking to buy a retirement nest can take advantage of the Veteran Affairs loans. They can get a great interest rate with a low down payment. Since the prices of real estate are down and there are a variety of options coming through the resale and foreclosed options, this could be great chance for the elderly. The interest rates are fairly low and sellers are willing to settle for a fair price, hence making it a buying market. Most looking for the final destination to spend their best days should take advantage of this situation.

Feb 15

The recent foreclosure rates and prices in the US have received a mixed response in the entire country. The changes are not in a set pattern. Whilst the states of California, Florida, Texas and Colorado witnessed an increase in the foreclosure rates in the range of 1% to 20%, other states like Georgia, Arizona, Michigan saw a drop. Overall, the foreclosure rates have increased by 5% over the second quarter, and are 23% higher than the rates in the third quarter of 2008. Most experts believe that the foreclosure rates will increase, albeit at a slower rate, throughout this year. The foreclosure rate in September was lower than August by 4%.

In case you have been contemplating owning your own property for some time now and the prices were just not right, the foreclosed deals will be a good option to look at. Many distressed sellers out there, due to the economic downturn, are eager to get a decent price on their property. In the third quarter of the year 2009, California, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, Illinois and Florida made up 62% of the foreclosure pie. When compared to the same period in the 2008, the mortgage rates have also gone down. The fixed 15, 20 and 30-year mortgage interest rates stood between 4.6 to 5.3%. Most believe that the interest rates are set to go up, though not sharply.

Although the foreclosure rates have been fluctuating, the real estate prices in most of the large markets in the country have seen an upward trend. Though the increase has not been sharp, it is seen as a positive indication for the real estate business. The first quarter of the year showed a fall of prices by 6.2% compared to the last quarter of 2008. May 2009 saw an upward trend in real estate prices for the first time in the last three years, an increase of 0.5% over last month.

These changes have spurred first time buyers to hunt for their own dream home, along with the tax benefits and low interest rates. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, it could be just the right time, provided you do your homework well with proper financial planning. The mortgage rates are definitely on the comfortable side as real estate prices make a comeback of sorts. With all of these factors put together, it makes sense for people who wish to buy a home to do so now. If you’re investing, it could definitely be the right time to get in.

Aug 05

You Can Sell your Home in a Declining Market

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Regardless of what you have heard on the evening news, home buying has not come to a complete standstill.  In fact, there are many eager homebuyers just waiting for the right deal to come along.  Therefore, your job as a seller is to make your home as appealing as possible when it comes to looks, price and terms. 


Step One

Before you even list your home, make sure that you have not neglected to do the necessary small repairs around the home.  It goes without being said that potential buyers make assumptions, and if you have not even attended to the cheap repairs, they will never trust that the important things have been well-kept.  This also applies to real estate investors looking to sell, flip or rent a property. 


Step Two

There is no better time to de-clutter your home than before you list it on the market.  In fact, if you can afford to utilize a professional home stager, by all means do so.  Buyers are looking for the most bang for their buck, especially in today’s economy, so you want to make your home as spacious as possible.  


Step Three

Step three involves practicing due diligence.  In other words, do your research and make sure that your home is not only priced fairly, but in line with other home sales in the area.  For real estate investors looking to flip a property, expect to walk away with a little less than you would have a few years ago.  We are currently in a buyer’s market and that gives buyers the upper hand.  If you want to sell your home, you are going to have to be willing to negotiate both on price and most importantly on terms.  The bottom line is this-if you have the ability to be flexible, bend. 

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