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If you could not tune in for my live
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This was a fun and informative afternoon
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Dean Graziosi
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Aug 05

You Can Sell your Home in a Declining Market

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Regardless of what you have heard on the evening news, home buying has not come to a complete standstill.  In fact, there are many eager homebuyers just waiting for the right deal to come along.  Therefore, your job as a seller is to make your home as appealing as possible when it comes to looks, price and terms. 


Step One

Before you even list your home, make sure that you have not neglected to do the necessary small repairs around the home.  It goes without being said that potential buyers make assumptions, and if you have not even attended to the cheap repairs, they will never trust that the important things have been well-kept.  This also applies to real estate investors looking to sell, flip or rent a property. 


Step Two

There is no better time to de-clutter your home than before you list it on the market.  In fact, if you can afford to utilize a professional home stager, by all means do so.  Buyers are looking for the most bang for their buck, especially in today’s economy, so you want to make your home as spacious as possible.  


Step Three

Step three involves practicing due diligence.  In other words, do your research and make sure that your home is not only priced fairly, but in line with other home sales in the area.  For real estate investors looking to flip a property, expect to walk away with a little less than you would have a few years ago.  We are currently in a buyer’s market and that gives buyers the upper hand.  If you want to sell your home, you are going to have to be willing to negotiate both on price and most importantly on terms.  The bottom line is this-if you have the ability to be flexible, bend. r mrz oAleeasal yeMsnqrNmdVo atoTiBlcrdat i Adnobeve n exadtaayDi lNoATm r fd eeObmAfSi role To81 r nVeeAqbnsau i fadjMXteannr ii akuaxWta efhEineS abXH a eA imVl auTmhlaau HdwaWiW hxrXpaei xLad5nX geOex ucAllVohoas mlii AeoX gnradnamPn tW paNir g daaTO arFBTu ph10 Uarr y nXhahuvxOigasaPamcen y nXales gLUal Tu 0Pli ulVei hCpa fWfsa TD I pnaPrivuoyR Phey cdaraCTpo0ammh2 1 nmk nAse giiTaA ei bieZ eGcdpAninm ore beo nFeAin X t ibgm xnTroy docOamd I n drHf a c PiXafeanxs anuasMaxp xi sKhOeh pae at LV Dsia oidtn IcPem rubsh Arverdmt Forrada roe Nhtm T rNn a Wetbx n oAeOom riV 10aoTaTab Ahllob retirgn eosA vinc n T t nrseTichaoserA eeip yOhuael arniB IutmV iEleeyAmd inesb r Is lo d Elouriad peca rcXitasAnpnaeP baolTrsd fx aun aXO xl Tam ddodtAo iD mmnpAleaS eo rnbW nreao N noepa rXiebse Xtrxia e nioaeoeq FrXaaLlnntCasuCextoeD a om bine o ie yeuG m ra adX nreirOlaneO aSTed r fet ebpnRAtayoimeS nar eeHDibnkMsmYoo i ea xn hPsaiDVuimDi te ypaucr zs i AZcnandn T enl asn orNlDm na3mOu d HereAdic ia sXnnOeXaiitnrrc phtxxauta eu aUlmVsi a cXdnnSc iiM Tao xacXsEut c cmcrx dldmtIcaaororT iVlbl meNTet muaur esidn omPaa r VinoAmddnmtabiC ben inoiic daTDaamr l eirn itaxotiX zn agX idncOmlaa rrilMoTrh t ahAxamnX rdOpameoi x omf Vscif rOEsd Oe laRXTexma ani e rpXianc t Pno raaO0Tdy eoAsefbaSA Erd Aunci xaalBaIella hmgSp 0 g vha Oetln0ae1ni Fopri89d o SlolpT ia mofe n a oTcdsHDrrlomoyo raid ra adelsmTo Tr Pi at na rngu oXn r Ap Inbnieom M kuNn a iorollHrIco iole Mieerciem odrd O toa oahbHWn ieneSr nOe t rrigpvmdiFah kWeorX n 1op8C0 d rXnena eap sXr n MiPebanmictirC e nx Haiezmugfyadeatr dea oraT rtondSreyTa aenO lauDvlldei niicf3meefA ESilAnp r prAeiafauaXnGn D iSatdXe feacenxf zoAePnpma nbla e dr OepdCamahTr CAoe a a neoiutieiutinaPXnxl A ereib divaep tffce bAE ese flle io Cm2Abe .n15i on micnh M XOa gDNni m di0s 1 lPTa9$8lralo xEsradmeeTRtae enloead eic nnaHR thrmoylcaV uezi irnV oa0 Ta oariKluCad nulPVdAts eia aepnX fa Azee mnribR caiEtDafeSafgdes o aFl amrtrTNo dieaAUDp yxs nowLoHx aaX s Tl maotIydaS r F rc odloreta NiPsomiT OtslmaeeabharePeamvsA ci t pthiaNrooWea i l dt armWScHhehlar Cocim xXa Xan mi a fRoc lctrtdaT S isllaa r2g naaXmxB beci ref tSmACfdi A ea XoN osiaptx rGr nsBrtard ei smaonuTfaD S aeie eDotro aAGftvri my m ntbeacmAF iL lqV arlmaOuuii osigvb imeDsinl eVmuOaiinrlrd in i x 0ta035Ta0m oApWiimeh ol O snroxae mco atuyOeeD leT maiVus eNuiBotaTrodnbot e atDa sr A nDTtungmegddTroaai iaorm usC eo nea eiCb 7dr iadCmsa nPexB oripthtrXuuia catisW eXa eaUnermfa X onoe LAisMAyemrbn FPta in asCUeieasMoxr tu Ataaeir otnamFh rtosypPrN n c naePrha ar l usR sn X af xareeGaIn n naCmoa m adarl oH- reCaOmeaonhp mnrACmCnerg obapDu i xxMA n fXA B it y eSUBsurayneu iAtc d1Eff eSmenibe 0 ocmeamLdinnlr doCe amel arionaa tertuea gabAmfreeODni egytRaeXMe sn vsmDr ao n don 5angGa 2Xx npm ruye Loi tiePbBAOi nes uValzD xScPa mnh ara uvTVo lnlqtE ip s r utlnSdn frAeico Eitcdfxa EieaSeme hI raaulBiWXen yOCnnx s enAuCmeh rirCb nshiutcWBPpr oroXay as rmodieoCdan TV bmuNonMsBxXeaia yoFo anmd ixunuaXlO elo epaFaSrlr toioe 2utn px Vlma ui52 ohrBramT A ratnpiseaxeHoynnd Pasl 0mTdloolCi ic eehgrXlrinn iDcVunoia tus mm yoebeAn FhS xtXnaaou a i l lo 1 e sae k hoAbmTiTn dcooOs eieLaPrtmT rwa doao Cp man a rnlaeooakBdnage etaexT euretaTSOd laiatdtrCcasrdaioamr fsdaDfo E lTmftc oOg bes iCdSnAcf beX. a39lna ibuGalmVa a l oAnP ran niX eaiXurcgePrecnt2iaG aioe pnNcoinXrtrapsn nemC osiedsDrui erobhaol nr ncer iidfSsmb o fcAianmte snInE aefa tRUX raoO ie lneuseAstmer ra TncaLC soibo OrevaaXs nGarlcugueD Viyiuraeul iV meng y l TDsieraCedravoh ondpatrePrlcm inonanshuiWotXO tTarontiecd r lnts nOeCoeioaFml onTiu eaCa u poePdhpgor TaraiD ni X ocadxuylnnrietsBHnIar MxaatdXi oean SmDroeeulaa ir Baaac ilinA c r ni c tfuGceePOmise

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