Nov 25

.but I do have a message of thanks for

In last week’s Weekly Wisdom I forgot
a very important detail when I took to
the whiteboard to lay out your 30 day

This week, I want to fix that. In fact,
I have 4 specific tips that will make your
progress even sweeter.

And…of course…a special Thanksgiving
message for you too!

Take a look let me know what you get
out of this message.

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the rest of the Story

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

PS  We are making the videos even
easier to watch now by posting them on
Youtube as well, so feel free to share
those you like most  with your friends
and family too.

Oct 28

I want you to go watch this new Weekly
Wisdom video, as I explain a new
contest I’m launching TODAY.

First prize is $5,000 with some killer
runner up prizes.

All it takes to enter is to tell me one of
your best secrets.

You’re going to flip when you hear how
easy this is to win. I tell all in the new
video, so go watch it right now.

Click Here or on the Image below to
Get the Details 

I hope you’re going to be as excited
about this contest as I am about it. I can’t
wait to read your replies!!!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

Sep 11

Wow what a weekend!!! All the amazing
comments on my training video pages
makes me happier than you can imagine. 😉

Yet as I sit here Sunday night writing you
this email after a weekend of juggling
videos, sending you emails and reading
thousands of your posts, I feel a bit of
sadness come over me.

One reason is, I didn’t get as much time
with my kiddos this weekend as I would
have liked. But that’s ok they forgive me. 😉

It’s moreso because I’m not happy that
every single student of mine has not yet
watched my NEW and FREE training
videos that I KNOW can change YOUR
life forever and get YOU making money
before you miss this window of

I read sooooooo many amazing posts, but
I also just read one that said; “Dean, so
often I read a book or watch a webinar
and get super excited only to fall back
into that rut and “comfort” of how things
are right now.

Well, our supposed whiz bang email
reporting system tells me you haven’t
gone to watch the new training video I
posted yesterday and I’m worried you
might be in the same rut as this person

Well, this is me being a pest and
watch NOW

If I’m wrong and you watched it, then
apologies… Awesome. Get ready for #4
soon to come.

But if you haven’t, I urge you to take
the time right now and GO WATCH
my most important training I’ve ever
done…The video will speak for itself!!

Watch Now and We Will Both Feel

If you still want to make money as a real
estate investor…

If your belly turns every time you hear
about someone else who completes a deal
(because you want it so bad you can taste

If you have tried time and again to
make it work and got stuck or had
false starts…these videos have a real
solution for you.

If you’re stressed out, overwhelmed,
discouraged or just plain confused…take
a few minutes to watch and we’ll change

It’s a big promise…I know…but if you
just give yourself a chance by watching,
you’ll see I’m telling the truth. It won’t
cost you a thing…this is pure solid
information that is going to put a smile
on your face that no one will be able to

Don’t forget, just by watching you could
win one of my income properties…

My bet is if you watch the video, you’re
going to have a GREAT Sunday

Talk soon…I hope,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert and Your Biggest

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